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Bristol Palin: The Proof Is In The Nachos Scandal

Posted by on September 29, 2010 at 1:41 PM EST

bristol palin bar nacho scandalWe have been covering Bristol Palin due to her participation on Dancing With The Stars and now the daughter of Sarah Palin is in on another cheesy controversy.

I will admit, covering Bristol Palin and her stint on Dancing With The Stars Season 11 is getting old but I guess one more cheesy story on Sarah Palin’s infamous daughter is not going to kill me. Nachos!

For Bristol Palin, Dancing With The Stars sent her and her partner Mark Ballas home to Alaska for a special segment on Monday night’s week 2 of DWTS. Now amidst the controversy of her mom (Sarah Palin) being booed by the audience, Bristol Palin has gotten herself in quite a bit of trouble with local Alaska authorities.

It seems as if a segment from Bristol’s Alaska visit, which aired on Dancing With The Stars, shows the underage teen sitting at a bar. Now of course TMZ has reported that close reps of Bristol Palin insist that she was only there to stuff her pudgy face full of nachos and that no alcoholic beverages were consumed. Claiming that the 2010 DWTS contestant got the all clear to enter the restaurant.

While the proof may be in the nachos, Alaska officials are not convinced nor are they taking this matter lightly. The officials are clearly investigating whether or not Bristol Palin who is only 19-years-old was legally allowed to be at the bar. Of course the very thorough TMZ also reported that Bristol Palin, by law, would only be allowed inside the Rumrunner Bar and Grill if it was in fact a restaurant and not a “bar.” A source close to Bristol Palin (probably her mother, Sarah Palin) told TMZ: “The place is also a restaurant … so under 21 is allowed under Alaska law if accompanied by a person over 21, which she was.” Mark Ballas, who is Bristol Palin’s dancing partner on Dancing With The Stars was there at the time of the alleged nacho incident and he is 24-years-old.

Once again, during Dancing With The Stars Season 11, it has turned into the Bristol Palin Show. For the sake of Mark Ballas and Bristol Palin let us hope that all she was doing in that bar was eating nachos. Alcohol intake by a 19-year-old may lead to baby #2 and that probably wouldn’t be good for the whole Bristol Palin abstinence after I had a baby at 16 pledge.

Stay tuned as this whole Bristol Palin nacho scandal unfolds and be sure you catch her on Dancing With The Stars next Monday night at 8|7c on ABC.



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  1. Poor Tim Smith. First the left wing wackos and liberal dolts tried desperately to make the booing of the judges into something about Sarah Palin… turns out they are idiots and look stupid in doing so.
    Then, we have liberal dolts in Alaska at Liquor Law Division having a fit over Bristol going to bar/restaurant with Mark where he played guitar and sang to the delight of the audience. I will bet you that it was a Murkowski lover who just wanted to try to embarrass the Palins with this phony underage story. Nice try again, liberal dolts. I guess the people in that Alaska government department are so bored and don’t have anything better to do than this.
    But, again, just another example for all of us to laugh at of the genetic hate that liberals have for anyone who does not kiss their smelly butts.

  2. I am going to call “bull” on that story, unless you give the name of the person or persons from the ABC board. It would be highly unethical for them to comment on an ongoing investigation – a hell of a lot more serious violation than what you are claiming Bristol Palin did. I don’t think they did so. I think you made it up from whole cloth. So, just give the name, so an ethics violation can be filed against the staffer, board member, etc.

  3. OMG is this the best story line you could come up with?

  4. Oh brother! So very leftist is this article. And with celebs like Jessica Simpson having a “pudgy face” and Angelina Jolie looking “anorexic”, you have the gall to attack this girl with your ugliness. Wow, your slant is so very obvious. You hate Bristol because her mother is a Republican. This….the Democratic way. And you wonder why your party is quickly losing ground.

  5. What a shame politics has infected this show as well! Can you honestly vote Bristol in as a better, more talented dancer than Brandy?! The ugly face of politics entered one of the best entertainment shows yet and it’s sinful! What a disappointment which has left me absolutely shocked!

  6. Bristol is still on Dancing because just like the recent election Republicans vote and Democrats don’t. Bristol should not even have been on the show to begin with. What makes her a star?…she is the daughter of Sarah Baracuda. This will be my last season watching.

  7. I really wish that stupid people (such as the idiot that wrote this) would shut-up. Instead of saying rude comments and constantly ripping the whole Palin family apart why don’t you worry about other politician’s kids? Just for an example how about Al Gore JR who was arrested for having drugs in his car. To me that matters a lot more then if someone under 21 was just sitting in a bar. Stuff like that happens everyday.

  8. Bristol is NOT a star! She should NOT have been on this show.

  9. Sounds like a non-issue to me and I am certainly no Palin fan with mother or daughter. with all the problems in the USSA you would think underage booze is close to the bottom.

  10. OMG!!! Can’t you find something to do besides pick on a teenager! She is not the only teenager to make a mistake, and if she was my daughter, I would sue you and anyone else who made the comment about another baby. You need to get a life, oh wait, idiots can’t!!!!!

  11. Timmy boy,
    You must be gay, because you sure are a bitchy boy. You certainly aren’t a journalist of any kind; just a nasty little snot.

  12. mamacopt3r,

    I have it figured out. You’re bitchy Timmy’s mother. Where he got his nasty attitude is so obvious now.

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