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Bachelorette’s Emily “Mortified” to watch Doug Clerget’s Exit

Posted by on June 28, 2012 at 5:25 AM EST


The Bachelorette star Emily Maynard says contestant Doug Clerget’s decision to pay her too little attention, too late ended up being his downfall.

During this week’s show, the pair got their signals completely crossed, as, from Doug’s point of view, they were enjoying a romantic interlude outside a castle in Prague. But, while he was trying to kiss this season’s heroine, she was trying, albeit gently, to get him to go home.

On her blog, Maynard wrote: “He got about a thousand hints to make a move, but didn’t get it until I was breaking it off with him. Could there have been a worse time to try to kiss me?”

And so Emily sent Doug packing, who all along he has appeared very shy, and with a very traditional view of the dating game, after realizing she had been spending more time fighting for his heart than stealing it.

At the same time, bachelor John WolfnJohn Wolfnerer (pictured), who has been cheated on fairly brutally in the past, has also been eliminated in Prague, for reasons which were rather similar.

Emily realized other relationships were moving more quickly, and that there wasn’t time to create a stronger bond with Wolfner than had already been forged with others.

“Unfortunately I think our relationship needed more time, and that’s one luxury we simply didn’t have,” wrote Maynard.

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