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Tara Talks Love in the Wild!

Posted by on June 22, 2012 at 10:57 AM EST

Love in the Wild contestant Tara Locke was booted off the popular NBC reality dating show this week after her partner Jesse Wilson dumped the 29-year-old from Arlington Heights, IL, for Ali Leitza during the second season’s third episode.

Tara , who now lives in Miami Beach,said in one interview: “I’m not sure why Jesse wanted me completely off the show. We didn’t have a conversation about it. I was blindsided by the whole conversation.”

She adds that Jesse’s conversation that the two of them “weren’t meshing” came as a “complete shock”, and that she still doesn’t understand what wrong. But, she continued: “I’m not someone who holds grudges, and I think everything happens for a reason.”

As for why Jesse picked Ali, she put the decision down to “physical attraction” and looks. However, she thinks the two of them are likelier to be friends than a couple. And, she says, she herself has similar feelings towards all the guys in the current season – friendly rather than romantic.

“I don’t have any regrets. The whole opportunity was amazing, and I met so many great people – I wouldn’t take anything back that happened. I don’t think the show is going to make or break me. I just think it was something great that happened in my life.”

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