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People in Glass Houses …

Posted by on June 19, 2012 at 8:18 AM EST


Despite the copyright complaints from rival channel CBS, and amidst moans that it’s just a Big Brother rip-off, ABC this week launched its series premiere of The Glass House.

The 14 “unique” contestants who moved in were told they would be split into teams according to their hometowns – East vs West, with respective captains Jeffrey and Jacob appointed.

The West team were first out of the blocks to take the show’s initial challenge – to match members of the opposing team to corresponding random fact about each one of them. In the event, they were beaten by the East group by a crucial four minutes.

Some “interesting” characters have already started to emerge, such as Erica, who says she’s just happy to be sleeping in a real bed (what?), Alex who’s all about being “primetime” (and seems to think he’s right about everything) and lost no time by vying for votes – by parading around in housemate Joy’s bikini! Meanwhile, Holly seems intent on using the men in the house, not to mention her looks, to her own advantage.

Only you can decide whether this show really is a Big Brother rip-off, but, whatever, reality TV addicts are bound to what to keep at least one eye on The Glass House as the season progresses.

Pic credit: ABC


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