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The Bachelorette: Who’s the Next Villain Waiting in the Wings?

Posted by on June 13, 2012 at 9:33 AM EST

Makers of hit reality show The Bachelorette are staying tight-lipped this time round, with no knowing who wins Southern Belle Emily Maynard’s final rose, leading to speculation that either something very unexpected could be in store.

However, there were some tantalising previews at the end of this week’s instalment, in which the famous final rose ceremony was conspicuous by its absence! The first, which acted as a teaser for next Monday’s show, was made up of clips from Croatia.

In the second, our heroine is seen with her three rumored final suitors, enjoying the tropics in Curacao. And Emily spins the old line of “falling in love with several people.”

What is for sure, however, is that Kalon McMahon got sent on his way this week in a tongue-lashing fit of fury we never knew she was capable of!  It certainly didn’t help anyone that he described Em’s daughter Ricki as “baggage.” Hardly the best way to win the heart of a single mom, and McMahon has never apologized for the offensive comment.

It now looks as though there is a villain vacancy in the show, and the gap could potentially be filled by personal trainer Ryan Bowers, who seems to have made one unpleasant remark after another to Emily.

Another candidate could be single dad Doug Clerget, whose short temper has been evident. This guy even began a scrap with another candidate shortly before the lady who’s looking for love walked in.

As ever, stay tuned – and log in for regular Bachelorette updates!

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