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Will DWTS’s Judge Bruno Tonioli Give An Apology To Michael Bolton?

Posted by on September 29, 2010 at 11:55 AM EST

bruno tonioliBruno Tonioli has officially locked Michael Bolton, who demands an apology, in the Dancing With The Stars Season 11 doghouse and thrown away the key.

On Dancing With The Stars, Len Goodman is usually the harshest of all the judges. Carrie Ann Inaba can be a bitch but only if you do illegal lifts. As for Bruno Tonioli, who can take his flamboyant ass serious? Michael Bolton can, that is who, and now the singer is demanding an apology from Bruno for his hateful words on DWTS.

Michael Bolton went into week 2 of Dancing With The Stars with decent scores from the judges during week 1 of DWTS. However, Michael Bolton and Chelsie Hightower did a dance routine Monday night that left me wondering what the hell just happened.

The dance routine started out with Michael Bolton on all fours in a doghouse. That’s right a doghouse! Honestly, he should have just stayed in the doghouse and not performed because his dance was horrible. DWTS judge Bruno Tonioli came out of the gates swinging as he told Michael Bolton: “That is the worst jive I have seen in the eleven seasons of Dancing With The Stars.” Whether or not Bruno Tonioli has an extreme hatred for doghouses or just Michael Bolton in general, the guy was ripping into Michael Bolton like he had just stolen his life partner.

I swear I thought I was going to see Michael Bolton start crying as the crowd booed Bruno Tonioli for being too harsh. The performance night of DWTS ended with the judges giving Michael Bolton a low score (Bruno gave him a 3) for a terrible dance routine.

Of course, the judges scores is just half the battle, last night we would find out how America voted for Michael Bolton and his ridiculous doghouse routine. Would Bolton get the sympathy vote from the Dancing With The Stars viewers because Bruno Tonioli was a big meanie the night before?

He sure wouldn’t as Michael Bolton was voted off of Dancing With The Stars Season 11 last night. I honestly don’t see what the big deal is about Bruno Tonioli and his comments, Bolton was horrible and Bruno just said what everyone else was thinking.

A reporter caught up with Michael Bolton and Chelsie Hightower after he was voted off DWTS and here is what Michael Bolton had to say: “Of course I was disappointed with Bruno, to me he let everybody down. I just didn’t expect that level of disrespect from him. I think he should apologize publicly and be reprimanded for it.”

Suck it up Michael Bolton and go sing some more love songs, as the DWTS competition is obviously not for whiney old crybabies.

Tune in next week to see if Bruno Tonioli makes another celebrity cry on week 3 of Dancing With The Stars Season 11 which airs Monday night at 8|7c on ABC.



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