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Leonardio Di Caprio in Training for Daddy Duties?

Posted by on April 9, 2012 at 6:14 PM EST

He may not have yet married or started his own family, but Leonardo Dicaprio seems to be getting some practice in!

Dressed down in jeans, baseball cap and casual shirt and jacket, the 37-year-okd Titanic star was seen on the streets of New York this Easter weekend, being a stand-in dad to best pal Tobey Maguire’s five-year-old daugther Ruby. The actor smiled as he took on the fatherly role while Tobey ran some errands elsewhere in Manhattan.

Leonardo spent the holiday with the actor and his family, including Maguire’s wife Jennifer Meyer. He is thought to be Ruby’s godfather.

And the two actor buddies have recently filmed a remake of the classic story The Great Gatsby, on location in Australia.

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