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Kyle Massey Scores High Again On Dancing With The Stars

Posted by on September 28, 2010 at 7:15 PM EST

kyle masseyKyle Massey scored high with the judges again last night on Dancing With The Stars.

Last week the biggest surprise on Dancing With the Stars was Kyle Massey. He was kind of a dark horse that nobody knew much about, but he came out with guns blazing and lit up the dance floor. Kyle Massey got one of the highest scores of the week, but still found himself standing next to David Hasselhoff as one of the two dancers that could go home last week. Her survived the round and it seemed to invigorate him. His dance partner Lacey Schwimmer put him on a diet and a strict workout routine. He needs to get in better shape if they are going to go far. While he joked around about it, he seems pretty committed to Dancing With The Stars Season 11.

Kyle Massey danced a jive and like last week lit the place up. This guy is bursting with energy. He and Lacey owned the floor and moved like a couple of tornadoes sweeping across the plains. Once again the crowd was on their feet. The judges love him and tell him he is such a pleasant surprise and a joy to watch. They actually tell him he might be too energetic. Sometimes ballroom dancing is about structure and Kyle Massey may need to try to relax a little and get that structure down.

As they waited for their scores Brooke Burke reminded everyone to vote for their favorites to avoid what happened last week on Dancing With The Stars. This is clearly in reference to how Kyle Massey got a great score, but was still called down as a potential eliminee. Kyle Massey scored 22, one point less than last week and there were a few boos coming up from the crowd. Clearly they thought he deserved better. When asked if he was sticking to the diet Kyle admitted he had pizza earlier and was going to celebrate with another one later. It seems that he and Lacey have some real chemistry and enjoy being together.

Will Kyle Massey find himself in the bottom two again tonight? Tune in to the Dancing With The Stars live results show at 9|8c on ABC to find out!



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