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Gorgeous George Clooney Reveals All!

Posted by on February 17, 2012 at 4:11 PM EST

He’s up for two Oscars this year alone, has the gorgeous Stacy Keibler on his arm (seen here lookinng lovely in red) and would seem to have the world at his feet. But now, in an unusually frank interview with industry “Bible” The Hollywood Reporter, George Clooney has revealed a string of inimate details about himself.

Far from his jet-setting image, he says he is in bed by 10pm most nights. And he’s a terrible insomniac who has also suffered fron devastating chronic back pain.

And, like most of us, he reveals, he sometimes gets lonely, has on occasion had too much to drink, and has in the past been jilted and cheated on. Good to know that “Gorgeous George” is only human after all …


Photo credit: Reuters



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