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Glee Season 2: Britney Spears and John Stamos, We Are Excited!

Posted by on September 28, 2010 at 4:08 PM EST

britney-spears-gleeTalk about a exciting night, tonight on Glee, you get not only John Stamos but Britney Spears, we can’t wait!

Tonight the much talked about Britney Spears episode of Glee airs. While the show often covers modern hit songs, rarely does it actually feature the artist who originally sang them much less one of the biggest, most well know pop stars in the world. Fox has been promoting this episode of Glee for a few months now with teasers and sound bites. At long last we get to see what all the noise is about, with a extra bonus of John Stamos.

Tonight’s episode of Glee titled Britney/Brittany finds Brittany (Heather Morris) trying to convince Mr. Schuester to let them cover some Britney Spears songs. He is hesitant because he is not sure he wants to do songs that are that edgy. While the group works on getting Mr. Schuester to relax and give it a try, Will find himself getting more and more curious about Emma’s new boyfriend Dr. Carl Howell (John Stamos). He learns that he is a dentist so he convinces her to bring him in to talk to the students about good oral hygiene. The girls in class instantly develop crushes on Dr. Howell which ultimately leaves Will feeling worse than he did before.

The sneak peaks have shown the Glee cast doing the Britney Spears hits “Toxic,” “I’m a Slave For You,” “…Baby One More Time,” and “Me Against The Music.” It should be fun to see how they rework these songs and put that Glee spin on them.

Jane Lynch has said of this episode that her character Sue, “…is of the opinion that Britney Spears is basically the anti-Christ. How does she put it? ‘A pop-culture provocateur and responsible for every out-of-control impulse ever created.’ So she fears that if Britney Spears’ music is played, it will create a sex riot – and it does.” Sue should have some stuff up her sleeves as she tries to put an end to all the Britney madness.

Look for Britney Spears herself to pop up in a few dream sequences and various other places during the show. Producers have been very hush hush about her involvement in the show and what role she plays so it will be fun to see just where she materializes.

The Britney/Brittany episode of Glee airs tonight on Fox at 8PM.



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