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Bristol Palin: Sarah Palin Supported Daughter On DWTS Last Night

Posted by on September 28, 2010 at 4:50 PM EST

bristol palin dwts week 2Bristol Palin received support from her mother (Sarah Palin) on week 2 of DWTS last night.

It was almost like they made Bristol Palin out to be the star of Dancing With the Stars Season 11. They went to her mom Sarah Palin who was sitting in the audience with one of her other children early in the show to get her thoughts on how things were going. When it was Bristol Palin’s turn they showed a special piece where Bristol and her dance partner Mark Ballas went to Alaska to see where she lived and to meet her family. Sarah Palin made an appearance here as well and gushed over both Bristol and Mark. For once she seemed like less a politician and more like a proud mom. Oddly enough they brought up the fact that Bristol Palin really isn’t a star as they pointed out that a few weeks ago she was working as a receptionist in a dermatology office. This is Dancing With the STARS correct?

Check Out The Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars Conspiracy

Bristol Palin danced the quick step and it seemed like a somewhat simplified version from what some of the other contestants of Dancing With the Stars did. Her dance partner, Mark Ballas said the trip to Alaska was great, but it took away a lot of their rehearsal time so I have a feeling they wanted to keep it simple. Last week Bristol Palin wore a very sexy, short dress. This week she made good on her promise to wear conservative outfits as she hit the dance floor in a sheer purple dress that looked like a cross between a nightgown and a moo moo. She danced well and got through the dance with a smile on her face. You can tell she is building some confidence as the 2010 DWTS competition goes on.

The judges loved Bristol Palin and heaped praise upon her. Again they mentioned that she is not an entertainer, which only reminds us that she is on the show because her mom (Sarah Palin) is famous. Let’s not forget that she is only famous for being the pregnant 17-year-old daughter of a vice-presidential nominee.  This doesn’t make her a bad person, but it makes me wonder why Bristol Palin is on the show. The judges gave her a 22, one of the highest scores of the night. I thought she was good, but not that good. Was she really better than Kurt Warner, Rick Fox and Brandy? I’m starting to wonder if the whole “keep Bristol Palin on Dancing With The Stars because she is a controversial figure and good for ratings” conspiracy might have some truth to it after all.

Tune in tonight as the Bristol Palin conspiracy continues on the Dancing With The Stars live results show at 9|8c on ABC.



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