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DWTS Season 11: Rick Fox Brings NBA To Dance Floor On ABC

Posted by on September 27, 2010 at 6:38 PM EST

rick fox dancing with the starsRick Fox proved that even NBA players could make it on Dancing With The Stars.

Week one of Dancing With the Stars was very good to former NBA superstar Rick Fox. Rick Fox started on shaky ground as he and his dance partner Cheryl Burke realized that the huge height difference between them could very well be a problem for the DWTS competition. She had to order special made high heels just to come up to his chest. Things were not starting off well.

As Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke hit the dance floor during the first episode of DWTS it was clear that all of the height problems had been solved. They danced very well together and received a 22 from the judges – one of the highest scores for week one of Dancing With The Stars.

Rick Fox won three consecutive NBA championships with the L.A. Lakers and has acted before. He is clearly comfortable in front of a live audience. Fox is used to learning new things on the fly so picking up the dance steps as they go should be easy for him. I have said from the start that I think Rick Fox has a legit chance at winning Dancing With The Stars and his performance in week 1 shows that.

If Rick Fox may have a weakness it might be any dances where he has to perform separate from his partner. When they are together, working as a pair he is able to overcome the size difference and he shows an amazing amount of grace. If there are dances where they have to be separate from each other and work synchronized his extreme height may make things awkward.

As long as Rick Fox can avoid those types of situations I think he has a chance to win this. He has all the tools and made a good impression on the Dancing With The Stars Season 11 judges right from the start. It will be fun to watch him mature as a dancer.

Tune in tonight as Rick Fox brings his basketball skills to the dance floor when Dancing With The Stars airs at 8|7c on ABC.



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