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2010 Dancing With The Stars: Bye Bye Margaret Cho

Posted by on September 27, 2010 at 6:22 PM EST

margaret cho dwtsI believe that Maragaret Cho will be the one to go this week on Dancing With The Stars.

Margaret Cho very narrowly escaped the chopping block in week one of Dancing With the Stars Season 11. She is known as a comedienne and actress who is often edgy, but very funny. Most people wondered if she would take this seriously and try to show that more serious side of her personality or if she would play the clown a la Adam Carolla and ham it up during the dances. It seemed by her first dance that she would go the comic route as Margaret Cho did some weird moves on the premiere of DWTS last week.

As her dance started Margaret Cho impressed. She moved well and seemed to have the steps down, but then she started mixing in her comic flares and by the end of the dance she was doing odd spins and eventually finished by falling on the floor. At first nobody knew if those falls and spins were on purpose or accident, but as it became evident that she was spoofing the dance it became more clear that she was playing it for a joke instead of taking the Dancing With The Stars competition seriously.

She only scored a 15 (tied for worst) and found herself among the bottom four. Adversity is something Margaret Cho has overcome her entire life. From fighting racism and sexism in the stand up comedy world to dealing with acute kidney failure that came form trying to lose weight for her TV show, Cho has overcome many obstacles. It remains to be seen if she has the desire and drive to put that focus to work and resurrect her chances on DWTS. I think she is just there for some fun and laughs and doesn’t really care that much if she gets voted out. Baring a major sea change in her style and dancing, I think Margaret Cho will be gone in the next couple of weeks.

Will Margaret Cho act more serious on Dancing With The Stars Season 11 tonight at 8|7c on ABC?



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