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Netflix adds NBC-Universal to Queue of streaming media.

Posted by on September 27, 2010 at 6:08 PM EST

netflix-nbcNetflix adds NBC-Universal shows to queue of streaming media.

Netflix is adding to its already very large amount of online streaming content with a big announcement that they have reached an agreement with Universal/NBC to stream a large selection of their cable TV show library as well as current episodes of many other hit shows.

Included in the deal would be all of the shows that air on the various cable and broadcast networks owned by NBC and Universal. This would include shows like Battlestar Galactica and Saturday Night Live. They are promising to have every episode of SNL available online as well as all the BSG and Friday Night Lights episodes. In addition to this, other shows like Monk and Law & Order will also be available.

This alone adds a ton of content, but they are taking it one step further. All of their current shows will be available to stream on Netflix after they air. This means new episodes of shows like 30 Rock and The Office or Saturday Night Live will be available to watch on Netflix the day after they air on regular TV.

These changes will take place and the new content will be made available to Netflix users next week. At this rate Netflix is starting to make the DVR look outdated. No need to record it when you can just stream it the next day.

Netflix also announced that they are going to be offering a streaming only option to their customers in North America very soon. This option would allow you to watch as many streaming movies or TV shows as you wanted, you just wouldn’t be able to have DVD’s sent to your home. There is no price set on this option yet, but Netflix CEO Reed Hastings did suggest that it will be around $7.99 per month.



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