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Dancing With The Stars Season 11: Kyle Massey To Surprise Yet Again!

Posted by on September 27, 2010 at 6:09 PM EST

kyle massey dwtsKyle Massey who was the big talk last week on Dancing With The Stars will bring his energy to week 2 tonight on ABC.

Kyle Massey surprised everyone twice during the first week of Dancing With the Stars Season 11. The first surprise came on the dance floor and the second during the results show. Kyle Massey is best known as the star of various Disney Channel kids shows. He is also a sometimes rapper. He is funny on TV and in his music so nobody was sure how he would take to DWTS. Would he be funny? Would he be able to keep up? He is the youngest contestant and was pretty much a dark horse with few expectations going into the first show so no one really knew what to expect from him on this season of Dancing With The Stars.

Kyle Massey and his dancing wowed the crowed. He electrified the room with an energy and swagger that even shocked the judges. They gave him a 23, the second highest score of the night and it seemed that in 90 seconds Kyle Massey had announced that he had arrived and he was a serious contender on DWTS. Then the second surprise happened. During the results show he was announced as one of the bottom four scores. Based on how well he did the previous night and how high the judges scored him, this must mean that he got very few audience votes.  Kyle Massey was shocked, as were many.

If Kyle Massey can’t get more audience members to vote for him it really won’t matter how well he dances. I have a feeling he is going to come out strong this week, score high again and this time avoid the bottom four. Still, if he wants to go deep into the competition he will need to start getting some love from the fans. Maybe as the number of contestant’s on Dancing With The Stars Season 11 starts to narrow he will be able to get more votes.

Watch Kyle Massey bring it tonight on Dancing With The Stars at 8|7c on ABC.



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