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Dexter Season 5 Recap: Dexter is Back Rita is Gone

Posted by on September 27, 2010 at 5:42 PM EST

dexter-season-5-recap-rita-goneDexter Season 5 recap, Dexter is back Rita is gone.

Season 4 of Dexter ended with Dexter (Michael C. Hall) finally killing the Trinity Killer then heading home to get his things and meet the family in the Florida Keys. When he gets home he finds his wife Rita dead in the tub, Trinity’s last victim and his baby Harrison sitting on the floor in her blood. Dexter Season 5 starts right where Season 4 left off.

Dexter sweeps the baby into his arms and walks out into the front yard. As the police arrive all he can say is, “It was me.” His sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) shows up and takes the baby to get him away from the chaos of the scene. The FBI are working the Trinity case and they want to talk to Dexter, but his sister shields him. She gets him back to her apartment (Dexter’s old place) and he just passes out.

Dexter is clearly in shock. He can’t believe what has happened. As he lays on the bed he flashes back and we learn about how he and Rita met. They were set up by Debra and Dexter chose an out-of-the-way cafe’ for them to meet at. As it turns out Dexter had ulterior motives – he was also there stalking his newest victim. When the victim leaves the cafe’s Dexter excuses himself to the bathroom, he slips out the back, drugs the guy and throws him in his trunk. He then abruptly leaves Rita, telling her he is suddenly ill. Later in the episode we see Rita calling Dexter and they have a nice conversation as she tells him that she feels he is a good person. This conversation takes place while he is dumping his newest victim’s remains into the ocean.

Debra helps Dexter set up Rita’s funeral then he has the terrible duty of telling her parents Astor and Cody that Rita is dead. Astor blames him and the grandparents take the kids to a hotel. Dexter decides that it would be best for everyone involved if he just disappeared. He gets his tools, some clothes and his slides, fuels up his boat, lights the shed that held his files and other items on fire and runs. As the boat gets low on fuel Dexter stops at a refueling station/store. The place seems to be abandon save one other customer who is not very nice to Dexter. During a confrontation in the men’s room the two men fight and Dexter kills him. The ghost of his father finally returns and tells Dexter it is okay to let out his rage. Dexter finally lets go of the grief, guilt and sadness that has built up inside him.

Meanwhile everyone is looking for Dexter. Debra and Quinn go to Dexter’s house to clean up the crime scene. Debra breaks down and starts kissing Quinn. The two end up having sex on the kitchen floor. When they are done Debra selects some dresses so Dexter can choose which one to bury Rita in and leaves. As Quinn leaves he ends up striking up a conversation with the neighbor and finds out that he and Rita shared a kiss and that Dexter punched him out when he found out. Quinn starts to think something more might be at play.

Lt. Laguerta has given her people strict orders to not get involved in Dexter’s case. It is the FBI’s case so they need to leave it alone. Nobody is happy about that. After listening to Dexter’s 911 the crew starts to question why Dexter seems so calm. Laguerta again tears them up and demands that they stay out of it. Quinn, clearly thinking he is onto something can’t leave it alone even after being told twice. Batista even points out to Laguerta that 90% of the time when a wife ends up dead it is the husband that did it. She isn’t budging and makes it clear that they are not to be a part of the investigation.

As everyone waits for Dexter at Rita’s funeral (including the FBI who now desperately want to talk to Dexter) Quinn is just about to tell Debra what he found out about Dexter’s neighbor when Dexter finally arrives. All eyes are on Dexter as he gives her a dark, poignant eulogy where he refers to Rita as an innocent and says that he will try to go on with the help of the family and friends who loved her. In his head he says, “Like I did.” But he does not say it out loud. The episode fades to black and Rita is put to rest.



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