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Jennifer Grey And Derek Hough On Top Of Dancing With The Stars Season 11

Posted by on September 27, 2010 at 5:45 PM EST

jennifer grey derek hough dancing with the starsJennifer Grey and Derek Hough find themselves on the top of the leaderboard after a strong first weeks performance.

There was not a dry eye during the first episode of Dancing With the Stars Season 11 when they showed Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough behind the scenes as the prepared for week 1 of DWTS. As she and her partner Derek Hough picked their dance music they decided to go with “These Arms of Mine” from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. As soon as the music started playing Jennifer Grey broke down. The music and dancing brought the memories of her late, dear friend Patrick Swayze back in full force.

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The audience was still teary eyed as Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough took the floor and set the bar really high. Watching her move it was clear to see why the judges selected her as the odds on favorite to win the season of DWTS. She brought the audience to their feet and the judges reward her with the highest score of the night, a 24.

Most people know Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing, but she as been in a handful other movies and TV shows.  Several years back she had a nose job and the surgeon botched it so badly that she had to have a second doctor do a full reconstruction. The result left Jennifer Grey looking so different even her own friends and family had trouble recognizing her. After a short time where she considered changing her name and starting over from scratch in the industry, she simply embraced the nose and even played herself on a TV show where she made fun of herself. With her stellar performance last week on Dancing With The Stars, Jennifer Grey announced that she is the one the beat. Let’s see if anyone is up to the challenge.

Watch Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough try and hold the top spot tonight on Dancing With The Stars at 8|7c on ABC.



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