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Get Ready For Dancing With The Stars Season 11 Week 2 Tonight On ABC

Posted by on September 27, 2010 at 4:43 PM EST

dwtsA quick overview of Dancing With The Stars Week 2 on ABC.

As we roll into the second week of Dancing With the Stars Season 11 there are now clear favorites (Jennifer Grey, Brandy, Audrina Patridge, Kyle Massey) as well as those who need to improve (The Situation, Margaret Cho, Michael Bolton) pretty quickly or find themselves in danger of leaving the hit dancing show on ABC. The first week is always the easiest. The judges tend to be a little more forgiving and give the dancers some space because, for some of them, it is their first time performing in front of a live crowd or doing this kind of dancing at a high level. Now that the first episode of Dancing With the Stars is done, you can expect the judges to start getting more critical and expecting more from the dancers.

Here is a short breakdown of who is left on the show and where they stand.

David Hasselhoff was voted off DWTS last week. That leaves Rick Fox, Kyle Massey, Kurt Warner, Michael Bolton and The Situation left to represent the men. All of the women are left: Jennifer Grey, Brandy, Audrina Patridge, Bristol Palin, Florence Henderson and Margeret Cho.

Let’s start with the ladies of Dancing With The Stars Season 11:

Jennifer Grey killed it last week. Her behind the scenes tape was emotional and she was very good at the dance as she and her partner Derek Hough took the dance floor. It is very clear why Jennifer Grey has the odds on favorite to win this season of Dancing With The Stars. She simply needs to keep it going. Everyone already loves her so she just needs to hold the line. As long as she has no major mistakes she will be fine this week.

Florence Henderson also has a lot of love going for her. The crowd and the viewers love her. Her only problem is her age. You have to wonder how long her body will hold up to the rigors of learning a new dance each week. Still, Florence Henderson has presence, poise and seems to be having a great time so I think she will do just fine this week on DWTS.

Bristol Palin is the wild card once again on Dancing With The Stars Season 11. She was decent in week one and this week they are going to feature a special segment where she and her dance partner Mark Ballas go to Bristol Palin’s home in Alaska for a special performance. They meet her family and have some fun. This look into Bristol’s life may help calm some of the criticism she has been getting, but she will still need to dance well if she wants to avoid trouble on this week of DWTS.

Margaret Cho barely escaped last week. Her dance was filled with comic flubs and she looked angry as she danced. The judges didn’t like it and she was in the bottom four. She is one of those on the bubble. If she doesn’t improve dramatically this week she could be gone from the competition.

Brandy had a solid, professional dance and looked like she was having fun. Odds makers have her as the second highest rated person on the show (next to Jennifer Grey) and you could see why in week one of Dancing With The Stars Season 11 on ABC. She should be solid again in week two. Look for her to go deep into the season.

Audrina Patridge did well and looked sexy doing so. The judges encouraged her to get even sexier so expect her to show some skin as this season of DWTS 2010 progresses. She danced well and avoided the bottom four, last week. I expect her to continue to improve and do well again this week. Audrina Patridge is simply too hot to vote off this early.

Now it is time for the guys of Dancing With The Stars Season 11:

Rick Fox overcame the major height difference with his partner to knock out a solid dance that wowed the judges and pleased the crowd. Rick is very likable; he clearly is light on his feet and seems to be catching on fast. Look for him to continue his doing well. He should go deep into this competition.

Michael Bolton was a little stiff and the judges told him that he was letting his partner lead. He didn’t score well and ended up in the bottom four. Bolton is on tour while he is on DWTS. I think that will wear him down and he may have trouble improving.

Kyle Massey was the surprise of week one in two ways. As a relative unknown he shocked the crowd when he came out like a hurricane and danced like a whirlwind. The judges loved him, the crowd was brought to its feet, but the viewers didn’t feel the same. He was in the bottom four, but I think he will continue to perform well and will eventually win over the viewers of Dancing With The Stars.

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino wasn’t very good in week one. He only had five days to practice (not the full three weeks everyone else had) and it showed. He was in the bottom four, but survived. I look for him to improve this week, but I have a feeling he isn’t going to go too deep into the season.

Kurt Warner rounds out the remaining Dancing With The Stars cast members. He was average on Monday and admitted that he was a little nervous, but was working hard. I think hard work is in his DNA and NFL players tend to get plenty of fan support. Look for Kurt to improve this week and get better each week. He may not win, but I think he will make a solid showing.

This week on Dancing With the Stars Season 11 we will see more waltzing and cha cha’s. It will be similar to last week only I think many of the dancers will be more confident and polished now that they have that first week jitters out of the way.

Watch Dancing With The Stars Season 11 Week 2 tonight at 8|7c on ABC.



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  1. There was really no bottom four in the first results show. If you remember, when Kyle and the Hoff were the last two contestants standing, Tom Bergeron said that the safe couple was not necessarily in the bottom two. So they did not tell us who was in the actual bottom two. So, in reality, we have no idea who was in the bottom four,except for Hoff.

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