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Florence Henderson: Dancing With The Stars Round 2 Tonight

Posted by on September 27, 2010 at 4:13 PM EST

florence henderson dancing with the starsFlorence Henderson is gearing up for round 2 of Dancing With The Stars Tonight on ABC.

Florence Henderson of Dancing With The Stars Season 11 is best know to the world as Carol Brady, the ultimate wife and mom of six on The Brady Bunch. While Florence Henderson has done plenty of TV and movie work she has also appeared numerous times on Broadway. Her experience in front of a live crowd showed during the first episode of Season 11 of Dancing With the Stars. Florence took the stage with grace and poise. She danced like a lady who knew what she was doing and had a grin plastered to her face. The judges liked her and the audience was in love with her after last weeks 2010 DWTS premiere.

Find Out How The Judges Scored Florence Henderson Last Week On Dancing With The Stars

Florence Henderson is by far the oldest contestant on Dancing With The Stars Season 11 and it is that fact that causes odds makers to rank her as one of the biggest long shots to win DWTS. She is spunky, has a great attitude and seems like she is having a blast hanging with the cast and learning the dances, but you would have to assume that eventually the day to day grind of it will wear her down some. Florence Henderson will find herself falling behind a little and that will finally be her demise.

Florence Henderson should be safe for at least a few rounds. American is in love with her and we are all enjoying watching her enjoyment as she dances. As things get more and more serious she will have to really up her game and I just don’t think she is physically capable of taking it to the level that she will need to if she wants to win. Enjoy Florence Henderson on Dancing With the Stars while you can, I have a feeling in a couple more episodes she will be gone.

Watch Florence Henderson on Dancing With The Stars Season 11 Week 2 tonight at 8|7c on ABC.



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