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The Amazing Race 17 Recap: Stonehenge and Watermelons

Posted by on September 27, 2010 at 3:26 PM EST

the amazing raceThe Amazing Race 17 premiere was last night and the teams headed to Stonehenge for their first task.

The Amazing Race 17 premiere got kicked off with 11 brand new teams meeting the host, Phil Keoghan in Massachusetts last night on CBS.

After a quick rundown of who was who, Phil Keoghan told the teams of The Amazing Race that they would be going to London, to visit the world famous Stonehenge. Of course in true Amazing Race fashion, only 3 of the 11 teams would be able to catch the first flight to London.

Meet The Teams of The Amazing Race Season 17

Decked out in Smart Cars, every team of The Amazing Race 17 races frantically to the airport. The first of the teams to arrive are Ron and Tony, they secure a spot on the first flight to London and are one step closer to winning the first leg of The Amazing Race. Jill and Thomas and Chad and Stephanie were the other 2 teams that made it on the first flight to London. The rest of the teams were stuck on the 2nd flight and already have a disadvantage on day 1 of The Amazing Race Season 17.

Once in London, the teams of The Amazing Race are set out for Stonehenge where they will get their next clue. Of course these American contestants had a bit of trouble with driving on the other side of the road and using manual cars.

Having the advantage of being first to the airport, Ron and Tony (Team Wiz) have already lost the lead as they are completely turned around in London. Doctors Nat and Kat are the first to arrive at Stonehenge and get the clue for their next challenge. They quickly ask the locals about the clue and figure out that they are headed for Eastnor castle to receive their next clue for this leg of The Amazing Race.

Jill and Thomas, Nat and Kat and Brooke and Claire all arrive at Eastnor castle within minutes of each other. They must now, “Storm The Castle.” Brooke and Claire are the first to climb the ladder as they are pelted with disease-infested herpes-water.

The three leading teams must now cross a river in ninja-turtle shells without sinking. If they sink, they must go back and start all over. Jill and Thomas are the first to conquer the lake crossing challenge on The Amazing Race.

Meanwhile, Team Wiz who was at one point in first place, are still driving around in their car looking for Eastnor castle.

On with the Road Block of the first leg of The Amazing Race Season 17. This is perhaps the most anticipated segment of The Amazing Race premiere as it went viral after being posted on YouTube. The teams must now launch watermelons at a Knight in Shining Armor and knock him over.

Claire gets to launch the watermelons and in the most epic viral video on YouTube, Claire gets beemed right in the face. However, she gets back up, and on her 2nd try knocks over the knight.

After all was said in done, the watermelon challenge was the last hurdle before the teams got to the pit stop of the premiere leg of The Amazing Race 17.

Jill and Thomas were the first team to check in with Phil Keoghan at the finish line and won the very first Express Pass on The Amazing Race.

All of the other teams trickled in one by one and at the end of the day, Team Wiz (Ron and Tony) were the last ones to check in with Phil and were ultimately the first team to be sent home on The Amazing Race 2010.

Tune in next week when The Amazing Race 17 returns Sunday Night at 8:30/7:30c on CBS.



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