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The Amazing Race 17: Meet The Teams for 2010

Posted by on September 27, 2010 at 11:50 AM EST

the amazing race 17The Amazing Race 17 premiere kicked off last night on CBS so lets take some time to meet the teams for 2010.

Last night The Amazing Race 17 premiered on CBS and this season has been the most anticipated due to the recent viral Watermelon Launch video. In order to catch up on The Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 1 premiere, let us take time out to meet the cast.

11 teams kick off the first leg of the race in Massachusetts with the host Phil Keoghan. First things first, lets get to know the eleven teams that will be competing in The Amazing Race 17. The teams are as follows:

Brook and Claire: Home Shopping Television hosts from Reno, Nevada. These two ladies seem like they know what they want and if they set their mind to it they can achieve it. I also hear that Claire loves watermelon (see below for proof).

Chad and Stephanie: This couple that has been dating for 8 months are from Miami, Florida. Chad let’s us know during the intros of The Amazing Race that he will in fact ask Stephanie to marry him on the race.

Katie and Rachel: These two beach babes seem like they are going to be the ones to beat. They are beach volleyball partners from Belmar, New Jersey. As Katie says, “Rachel and I have all the tools. We are smart, we are tough and we are athletic and I think that’s a deadly combination.”

Connor and Jonathan: Ivy-league acapella singers and The Amazing Race? That’s like having a ballet dancer fighting in the UFC. It will be interesting to see what these two nerds can accomplish on The Amazing Race 17.

Andie and Jenna: The Amazing Race has brought this biological mother and daughter together. While the story is heartwarming, how will these two ladies deal with each other on The Amazing Race?

Gary and Mallory: This father and daughter team from Kentucky has definitely got an advantage because they are from the country. While they will be good at the physical tasks, do they have the brains for the wittier, intellectual tasks?

Jill and Thomas: This couple from Marina Del Ray, California seems like they are going to be the ones that get on your nerves week after week.

Michael and Kevin: These Internet sensations from Sugarland, Texas are a father and son team. With past seasons of The Amazing Race, family teams tend to do well but also get on each other’s nerves so we will see how they fare on this season of The Amazing Race.

Nat and Kat: These two doctors are used to being under stressful situations and obviously have the brains but will that be enough to win The Amazing Race. They say that they are a team of nerds and I will tell you they are the hottest nerds I have ever seen.

Nick and Vicki: This couple is the hardcore ones of the bunch who are dating and are from Las Vegas, Nevada. Now they might have tattoos all over but beware, they warn us to not “judge a book by its cover.” Let’s see if they can back up the talk when they compete on this season of The Amazing Race.

Ron and Tony: “Best Friends” from Los Angeles, California. It seems they they did not have what it took to cut it on the Amazing Race and where the first team eliminated.

You can watch The Amazing Race 17 when it airs on Sunday Nights at 8:30/7:30c on CBS.



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