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Dexter Season 5 Premier tonight on Showtime

Posted by on September 26, 2010 at 4:13 PM EST

dexter-season-5We are looking forward to the new Dexter Season 5 on Showtime, and we think you are too.

Last season’s finale of Dexter was a sucker punch to the gut. Dexter (the brilliant Michael C. Hall) had been hot on the trail of the Trinity killer (an amazing John Lithgow) and just when he thinks he has it all set up the script gets flipped and turned around and Dexter becomes the victim, not the hunter. He gets home just in time to find his Wife Rita dead in the tub and his new born baby sitting in Rita’s blood on the bathroom floor. Just like Dexter, his son to was born into blood.

As Dexter Season 5 starts tonight there are questions that need to be answered. First, how does he explain what has happened? He can’t just tell them he knew the Trinity Killer and killed him, but Trinity got to his wife first. What about the kids? There is the baby, but Rita also had two other children. What role in their lives will Dexter play? Dexter is sure to be a suspect in Rita’s murder. How does he exonerate himself without giving too much away? Rounding out the questions is simply where will they take the story from here? It is clear that Dexter is compelled to kill. He can’t stop it. It is as much a part of him as is breathing. Will he have a new adversary this season or will they focus more on how he recovers from Rita’s murder and builds his life as a single father while trying to deal with his demons. The possibilities are infinite.

Joining the cast this year are Julia Stiles and Peter Weller (among a few others). Stiles is rumored to be Dexter’s new love interest and Weller plays a mysterious man who gets involved with an internal investigation. Stiles should bring some spunk and heart to the show. She is likable and pretty, not to mention very talented. It is always interesting to see how they play non-police officer women off against Dexter’s sister Debra (played with foul-mouthed perfection by Michael C. Hall’s real life wife Jennifer Carpenter) and Lauren Vélez’s Lt. Maria Laguerta. These women are tough, sometimes hard and in your face. Dexter seems to go for a girl who is a little more relaxed and a little more willing to accept his excuses for his late nights and odd hours as he carries out his missions. It will be interesting to see if they use Stiles in this same direction or if Dexter’s troubled times leads him to a different kind of woman.

As episode 1 of Dexter Season 5 opens it appears that Dexter is now the chief suspect in his wife’s murder. He will have to balance figuring out how to explain what has happened with caring for an infant. While the show seems to switch show runners and producers nearly every season, it never loses its edge. This season brings in a lot of new faces behind the camera and they have big shoes to fill. Season 4 left Dexter in a dark, ugly place. Hopefully the new producers, writers and directors will make the transition seamless and continue to the do the show justice. As long as Michael C. Hall is in place, they have their anchor, I can’t wait to see what they do with it.



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  1. deb is way too skinny. Debs Partner looks like Skeletor… he is even more skinny. The whole thing feels like a billy mays commercial… its too early for me to give up on season 5 but I hope it gets better. I feel like they are trying too hard.

    All I can do is keep trying to love Dexter… and Hope that the show recovers.


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