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The Apprentice Season 10 Recap: Ice Cream You Scream Alex You’re Fired

Posted by on September 24, 2010 at 3:14 PM EST

the apprentice recapThe Apprentice Season 10 Episode 2 brought us Ice Cream and Alex getting fired.

Last night Donald Trump and the candidates of The Apprentice Season 10 took on their second task last night on NBC.

Coming off less than stellar premiere ratings, The Apprentice returned last night for week 2 of Donald Trump’s grueling job interview reality show. In case you missed last week, Team Fortitude (women) that was led by project manager, Nicole lost their task and ultimately Donald Trump sent Nicole home.

Catch Up On The Apprentice From Last Week With This Recap.

For Week 2, Team Octane (men) and Team Fortitude (women) were told that they would be selling ice cream sandwiches as their task. Team Fortitude would be ran by Project Manager Poppy and Team Octane would be run by David.

Right out of the gate on last nights New York City ice cream challenge, the two teams of The Apprentice Season 10 struggled for a location for their ice cream cart. While both teams start out horribly, the women are the first to realize that they need some sort of costume. At first they looked like a bunch of random New Yorkers trying to peddle some overpriced ice cream sandwiches. Poppy and the women of Team Fortitude settle for some pink tank tops and some sort of funky headband.

David and Team Octane quickly came to the same realization that the ladies did and quickly bought some old-school barbershop outfits. So here we have both teams of The Apprentice looking like complete idiots trying to sell ice cream to New Yorkers. Who do you think won?

Honestly all Poppy had to do was throw on a bikini and the women’s team would have sold out of their ice cream. As we have learned from past seasons of The Apprentice, sex does sell. Despite wearing some pink tank tops that might have been sexy back in the 1940’s, Poppy led her team to a victory over the men. It must have been their last ditch effort in which they gave away free ice cream to people buying it from the men’s team.

Being that the mean lost to the women, $1800 to $1500 in last nights The Apprentice Season 10 New York ice cream task, Donald Trump had David bring back his two weakest links to the boardroom. David chose Alex and James to accompany to the dreaded boardroom.

After yesterdays task, it was clear that James had never sold a thing in his life and he wasn’t ashamed to admit it. However, Alex was described to as having “puppy dog” syndrome, whatever that may mean. Being that James told the mens team two excellent location, Alex was the one that Donald Trump looked at and said “You’re Fired” on last nights episode of The Apprentice.

Tune in next Thursday, as The Apprentice Season 10 will return at 10/9c on NBC.



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