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The Apprentice Season 10: Episode 2 Recap Alex You’re Fired

Posted by on September 24, 2010 at 11:36 AM EST

the apprentice alexThe Apprentice Season 10 Episode 2 aired last night and Alex was told those famous words, “You’re Fired!” by The Donald.

Last Night Donald Trump was back for the second episode of the new season of The Apprentice and as you might expect, there was yelling, people being thrown under the bus and plenty of finger pointing last night on NBC.

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This week’s task was one they have had on the show in the past. Team Octane and Team Fortitude hit the streets of New York to sell ice cream bars. Whichever team makes the most profit in two days wins. It is a pretty simple task that starts out chaotic. As both teams scramble for position, the men find a good spot and begin selling. As the women of The Apprentice arrive at their chosen spot they realize that they have picked the same spot as the guys. When it becomes clear that they can’t compete here they pack up and move.

As the teams struggle to find a way to sell on last nights The Apprentice Season 10, both teams decide to buy “uniforms” so that they look a little more like a business and not like a bunch of hustlers on the street. The women pick pink tank tops and some fun headbands while the guys go the barbershop route and wear old school striped, sleeveless shirts and top hats.

The men decide to try a place that might have more people traffic. Just as they get set up near Union Square Park they realize that women are now right around the corner from them in the prime location. James suggests a place across town so they pack up and roll out. Upon arrival they find the perfect location with plenty of people including a bounty of hot tourists.

Both The Apprentice teams are selling hard. On the women’s team, Poppy is the project manager, but Stephanie is doing all the leading. She has a background in sales and is tearing the girls up as she directs them and tries to get them to sell better. On the men’s side James is clearly having some trouble. He admits that he is a lawyer and has never sold anything so he is way out of his element with this task.

As the competition comes to an end the women pull one last strike. With 20 minutes left they take a bunch of their leftover ice cream, go to where the men are selling and give their ice cream away so that the men cannot make any more sales.

In the boardroom the women gang up on Liza. Donald Trump asks if she should be fired and when three women say, “Yes”, he fires Liza. As the room falls silent, he laughs and says he is just joking. Both teams are on edge. Poppy says Lisa was the worst player on her team while the men’s project manager David calls out James and Alex as his weakest. It is revealed that the men made $1500 profit in two days while the women made $1800 for the win.

David takes Alex and James with him to the boardroom. James and David team up on Alex and he wilts like a beaten dog. Eventually Donald Trump agrees with his son and Gene, that Alex might be a nice guy, but he can’t hang with the other guys at this level and he fires him. It is revealed at the end of the show that shortly after getting fired Alex got his dream job as a construction project manager.

There you have it, Alex was the second person to be fired from The Apprentice.

Tune in next Thursday, as The Apprentice Season 10 will return at 10/9c on NBC.



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