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Bristol Palin and Sarah Palin: Dancing With The Stars Publicity Stunt

Posted by on September 23, 2010 at 6:24 PM EST

bristol palin sarah palin dancing with the starsThe controversy surrounding Bristol Palin and Sarah Palin has turned into one big Dancing With The Stars publicity stunt.

It is clear now that Bristol Palin and Sarah Palin are nothing more than a huge publicity stunt for ABC and this season of their hit dancing competition, Dancing With The Stars.

Hot off the heels of a very successful, controversy filled, first week Dancing With the Stars looks to be keeping the publicity stunts coming. When I say they are continuing I am referring to what was clearly now a publicity stunt when the producers said that Sarah Palin would be attending the live two hour season premiere of Dancing With The Stars Season 11 to watch Bristol Palin dance. The headlines were packed that day with stories of all the extra security that would be needed for both Bristol and Sarah Palin. Metal detectors were being brought in and both cars and bags would be searched. ABC security was briefed on what to do in case of a breach and then… Sarah Palin went home to Alaska to watch her daughter, Bristol Palin it on TV.

As Shakespeare would say, it was all much ado about nothing.  Still, the Dancing With The Stars premiere got great ratings; there was plenty of talk surrounding Bristol Palin and other controversies to go right along with it. To follow up on that DWTS is pulling out the Palin gun one more time. Bristol and her dance partner Mark Ballas flew to Alaska this week to tape some special “at home” segments. Appearing, of course, is Sarah Palin. It might be easy to bash her and maybe she is just playing the proud mom and is doing what any other mom would do, but it feels a little like the show is exploiting her fame to get ratings. They know that Bristol is a controversial personality on the show so the longer she stays around the longer they can exploit that.

While the show normally waits to air these types of special pieces until later in the season when there are fewer contestants and they need more content to fill the time between the actual dancing, I get the feeling this one is airing now because it is unknown just how long Bristol Palin may be around. She was better than a lot of people expected in week 1, but she was also right in the middle of the pack and as Kyle Massey proved this week, you are never safe. There is no way of knowing when the Palin hype machine may calm down and run out of gas so Dancing With The Stars is taking full advantage of it while they have it.

As for Bristol’s future on the show, it is hard to say. There are many who believe that her mom’s notoriety is helping keep her around. That may be. There might also be some truth to the conspiracy that the producers help manipulate the scores to keep certain people around longer. I’ve written about my thoughts of that subject before. A DWTS exec who insisted on not being named said earlier this week, “It’s not like Bristol is going anywhere the first round. Bristol Palin will be giving the show lots of press throughout the season.” Does this person know something the rest of us don’t?

Look for Bristol and Mark’s trip home on the next episode of Dancing With the Stars Season 11. Maybe the following week The Situation will get his partner drunk and get her into a hot tub.

Watch 2010 Dancing With The Stars Round 2 when it returns next Monday night at 8|7c on ABC.



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