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NY Ink 2011: Ami James Returns Tonight on TLC (June 2, 2011)

Posted by on June 2, 2011 at 5:11 PM EST

ny inkNY Ink premieres tonight (June 2, 2011) on TLC.

Tonight’s premiere of NY Ink aims to pick up some of the pieces after the not so grand ending to Miami Ink. Miami Ink followed the lives of Ami James and his buddy Chris Nunez as they ran a tattoo shop in South Beach, Miami. As the series ended Nunez and James had opened a bar, Kat Von D had left the shop to move back to L.A. after a fallout with Ami and Darren Brass and his wife were preparing to have a baby. Ami was feeling the pressure of handling all this at once and the season ended. It was then cancelled.

Now three years later NY Ink finds Ami James moving back to New York to open up a new tattoo shop in hopes of living out his dream. As you might expect things don’t go so smoothly. James quickly finds out that the cost of doing business in New York is about four times as much as Miami so he will have to do a lot of tattoos each week just to cover expenses. This means he needs help and with help comes potential drama.

We all know that if he just hired a group of artists who came in on time, did their job and got along the show would lack the dramatic element that TLC seems to love to inject into these shows. It seems to me that just a show about cool tattoos and the people that got them would work, but they always need drama.

In this case it looks like the drama will come in the form of Chris Torres, a talented artist who joins the shop, but seems to butt heads with Ami. The previews show the two nearly coming to blows. Add in the heavily tattooed Megan Massacre and we now have all the ingredients for a powder keg. It has been shown in the past that Ami James might have problems working with women and people who question him and now it looks like he has both.

The premier episode of NY Ink airs tonight at 10PM on TLC. Tune in to see Ami James come home and find out what kind of drama and great art this produces.

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