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Katy Perry And Her Boobs Not Welcome On Sesame Street

Posted by on September 23, 2010 at 5:05 PM EST

katy perry sesame streetKaty Perry and her boobs are no longer welcome on Sesame Street.

Sesame Street got exactly what they wanted and looked like the good guys doing it when they pulled Katy Perry’s duet of her song “Hot N Cold” from future airings of Sesame Street episodes.

It is very common for musicians, actors and sports stars to make guest appearances on Sesame Street. They come on, do a quick segment, sing a song or play a game and have some fun. It works both ways. They get some great publicity with the parents of these kids (and maybe even the kids themselves who might now want mom and dad to get them whatever that celeb is hawking at the time) as well as getting a chance to show their softer/family/kid friendly side. Sesame Street also gets a well-known star to appear on the show to potentially help their ratings. But sometimes I think Sesame Street knows what they are getting and they go forward with it knowing it could be controversial. If they book someone who is currently hot in the news or very popular then, admit it or not, the show is hoping to bank on that popularity for ratings. Hence the reason that Katy Perry was picked to appear on an episode. Yes, even puppets need ratings in the modern era. If that person is controversial it is all the better for the show because people might tune in to see what this person is like on Sesame Street.

The show booked Perry because she is all over the news right now. Her album, Teenage Dream is performing well in the charts. Her singles, “California Gurls” and “Teenage Dream” are all over radio. Her videos are getting millions of views on YouTube and between her pending marriage to Russell Brand and her album she is everywhere you look. She is a hot commodity, but she is also known for being a bubbly, fun person who has a quirky sense of humor. She would fit the show well, and her catchy, hook laden songs, would be perfect for the show to get kids dancing and make parents smile.

There is one problem. Katy Perry has big boobs and she likes to show them off. The producers of Sesame Street had to know this. Everyone knows this. It is common knowledge. If you know the sky is blue and the desert is hot you know Katy Perry has big boobs and likes to show them off. Still, they could have booked her, had her cover them up and sing her song. No worries. But they let her go on the show in a very low cut dress and even had her fake/pretend running. The shot is basically a close up of her rack as it bounces and jiggles while she runs with Elmo.  Did nobody at the show see this and think it might be a problem? Of course they did. Of course they saw it and knew it would stir up controversy and that is exactly why they went ahead and aired it. It got them exactly what they wanted. They got one of the hottest performers in music on their show. They got her to change and sing one of her hit songs just to fit their needs then they were able to exploit her for a ton of publicity.

Had Katy Perry gone on the show wearing a turtleneck sweater and sang her song, the show would have aired, nobody would have cared and the show may have only seen a slight bump in ratings. Now it is front-page news, the video of her appearance is getting thousands of views on YouTube and even I’m writing about it. Sesame Street got their wish and I kind of feel sorry for both them and Katy. I’m sad for Katy Perry that she got used like this and I’m sad that Sesame Street has to pull stunts like this to get attention.



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