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The Voice Recap: Top 16 Finalists Revealed

Posted by on June 1, 2011 at 5:58 PM EST

the voice top 16The Voice 2011 has revealed the top 16 finalists that will be competing for America’s vote.

Last night on The Voice we saw the last of the battle rounds as the coaches selected the last member of their four person team that will move on to next week’s live rounds. As the battles concluded we saw some interesting and dramatic turns that, frankly, I didn’t see coming.

The first battle put Jeff Jenkins in the ring against the bright red haired Casey Desmond. Coach Adam Levine gave them Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” to sing and right from the start Casey realized she had her hands full. Jeff Jenkins has a great voice and was one of the few people during the audition round that had all the judges turn around in their chairs.  As the battle started it was pretty clear right from the start who the winner was. Casey is good looking and she has a nice voice, but she was just overmatched and Jeff Jenkins moved on to the live round.

Next up was Blake Shelton’s last pairing featuring the two youngest members of his team on The Voice. Xenia the 16-year-old shy girl with the interesting voice was matched against Sara Oromchi who is just 18. They were given the Pretenders’ “I’ll Stand By You” and both had some trouble coming out of their shells during the rehearsals. When Blake talked to Xenia he told her that he was a fan and loved her amazing voice she started to cry. Reba McEntire encouraged them both saying the winner might be the one that can come out of her shell the most. The battle was a little odd as both were clearly intimidated by the stage and audience. Xenia stayed in her comfort zone while Sara went for a little more, but ended up missing some notes. In the end Blake chose Xenia and I have to agree with him. They were about equal in performance so you might as well pick the one with the more interesting voice and that is Xenia by a mile.

Christina Aguilera gave her last two team members, Cherie Oakley and Lily Elise, Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone.” During the performance Lily really came out looking to grab attention. She wore very short shorts, high heels and a hoodie. The performance was loud and had some missed notes and they both had a chance to show their contrasting styles. Reba McEntire thanked Cherie who is a songwriter and wrote Reba’s recent hit song “On the Radio.” That success would not be enough though as Christina chose Lilly to move on as a finalist on The Voice. I don’t know that I agree with her, but it was a close battle.

The night ended with a pair that couldn’t look more opposite. Cee Lo’s last pair was country singer Curtis Grimes and heavily tattooed pop rock singer Emily Valentine. Cee Lo chose Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” as their song and encouraged them to fall in and then out of love with each other as they sang it. Emily admitted that she and Curtis had become good friends over the last few weeks so it was sad that one of them would be sent home. The performance was actually pretty good and their different styles meshed well. As the song came to an end Curtis took off his ten gallon cowboy hat, swept in and passionately kissed Emily. She put her arms around him and pulled him close. The crowd roared, Cee Lo’s jaw hit the floor and Blake had the quote of the night when he joked, “Cee Lo probably told y’all to duet. Not do it!” The two admitted there was something there, but whatever that may be will have to blossom away from the competition because Emily was sent home and Curtis joined Cee Lo’s team as a finalist on The Voice.

The Voice is now down to the final 16 and next week the live shows start. The show continues to be compelling. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it progresses from here.



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  2. I’m excited! Can’t wait to watch some more!
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  3. Christina’s team killed it tonight…..can’t figure how to vote….would vote though for Rachel and Beverley!!!!!

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