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America’s Got Talent Recap: Los Angeles, Atlanta 2011 Auditions!

Posted by on June 1, 2011 at 6:05 PM EST

americas got talent 2011Last night was the premiere of the new season of America’s Got Talent and it got off to a bang with the good, the bad and the just plain bizarre.

This season of America’s Got Talent started out with auditions in Los Angeles.  You know things are going to be interesting when the very first contestant is a juggler who juggles clubs that are on fire and he pulled Howie Mandel up on stage to help him. Howie X’d him, but Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne liked him and the first guy up was the first one through to Las Vegas. Things continued on a high note as Ryan Andreas a singer from California did a rock infused, impressive version of Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” that impressed the crowd and judges.  Ryan admitted that he had never sung live in front of an audience before which made his performance all the more impressive.

You know things can’t hold out and they take a strange turn as we then see a band that screams and a guy who did imitations of the judge’s farts. It took a little while to get to the next act that made it through, a magician named Landon Swank who “folded” his assistant.

As the Los Angeles auditions came to an end we saw a montage of acts that made it through including a bird act, an aerial act and a burlesque dancer.

The America’s Got Talent auditions then moved on to Atlanta and they too started well with a dance group called The Miami All Stars who impressed the judges and made their way to Las Vegas. As in LA, Atlanta continued at the start with other good acts including an impressive musician and a 12-year-old fire dancer named Preston Weber.

However, the good acts didn’t last as an acrobat, a glee club, a senior citizen dance troop and a rapper were all X’d out and sent home. The auditions in Atlanta did end on a good note with a dance group called Team Iluminate who mixed a light show with their dance routine that created a cool visual and audio show.

I recently heard Howie Mandel on the Howard Stern. Howie explained how Piers didn’t like him and thought he was annoying so now he goes out of his way just to annoy Piers. It makes for an interesting dynamic and makes watching the show just that much more intriguing because you know the two are taking jabs at each other all day long.

Piers and Howie aside, America’s Got Talent has gotten off to another strong start and so far it looks like they have some good talent showing up at the auditions so the later rounds should be just as fun as the audition rounds.



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