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30 Rock Season 5 Premiere Tonight On NBC with Matt Damon

Posted by on September 23, 2010 at 4:07 PM EST

30 rock season 530 Rock Season 5 premiere is tonight on NBC with Matt Damon.

30 Rock Season 5 Premieres Tonight: Finally, after a long summer of reruns, Tina Fey, “Liz Lemon”, and Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) return tonight for the fifth season of 30 Rock. Tonight we are expected to see how Liz Lemon’s love life is and always will be a disastrous train wreck. Alec Baldwin, who plays “Jack”, can’t keep himself from meddling in Lemon’s personal affairs. Tonight is actually a show within a show. We’ll see the premiere of “TGS” on the premiere of 30 Rock.

The fifth season of 30 Rock is full of Hollywood cameos. Matt Damon, who plays “Carol” the emotional pilot, will return tonight as Liz Lemon’s love interest. Elizabeth Banks is back as Jack’s high profile pregnant girlfriend. Rob Reiner is expected to play himself in next week’s episode. We’ll also see Queen Latifah as a heated congresswoman who has it out with Jack.

The hilarious cast of 30 Rock is also preparing for a live episode that will air sometime in October. The live episode will be filmed twice, once for the East Coast, once for the West Coast. Jack McBrayer, who plays Kenneth the porter says, “One thing that I’m really worried about is the number of mistakes that we make every usual shoot. We won’t necessarily have that luxury so cross your fingers.”

Leading lady Tina Fey has won seven Emmy’s for 30 Rock. The NBC show was nominated for 15 Emmys and brought home zilch last month. The show has already lined it’s shelves with 14 Emmys, six Golden Globes, two Image Awards, a Peabody Award, eight SAG awards, two Eddies, and an Environmental Media Award, whatever that is.

30 Rock Season 5 premieres on NBC tonight Thursday, September 23rd at 8:30 pm EST.



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