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Dancing With The Stars: Bristol Palin Conspiracy Theory

Posted by on September 23, 2010 at 12:44 PM EST

bristol palin dancing with the starsDancing With The Stars Season 11 is shrouded in conspiracy theories.

It is only week one of Dancing With The Stars Season 11 and the conspiracies are already swirling. You may (or may not) remember an article I wrote on this site a little while back about how the Dancing With The Stars judging was set up in a way that could make it corrupt. Well, apparently I’m not the only one who thinks that the DWTS voting  is unfair.

To recap my previous story, the way the judging on DWTS works is that each of the three judges cast a score for the dancer at the time of the performance. Then the viewers have a chance to call in and vote. The numbers scored from the judges are combined with the viewer votes to come up with a final cumulative score and that is the score that is used to determine who stays and who goes. There are two problems. First, we don’t really know how this cumulative score is come up with. They have never (so far as I know) told what the formula is or how it works, nor do they release the number of fan votes each dancer gets. Secondly, some stars clearly are more famous than others. For example, it is safe to say in Dancing With The Stars Season 11 that more people know who Florence Henderson is than Kyle Massey. The more famous stars have an advantage, at least in the early rounds, because they can generate more votes simply from their large fan base. And Massey is a good example of my point ringing true. Everyone in the studio, including the judges loved his dance, yet he was in the bottom two in total score. Did he really get that few votes?

We received an interesting email from a fan that I will refer to as RM. In the email this fan goes off on a rant about how Bristol Palin doesn’t deserve to be on the show. They feel that Bristol is a terrible dancer, that she looks pregnant and that she is a terrible role model for teens. The fan also says the they are disappointed in DWTS and Candies for supporting someone like Bristol Palin who just like her mother, does nothing but take from the country, yet gives nothing back.

The email goes on with other rants about Sarah Palin and her using the country. I’ll skip those and stick with the DWTS stuff. RM makes a very good point about the judges being bought and paid for when it comes to Bristol Palin. While I’m sure that Sarah hasn’t paid them off, I think that the judges understand how high profile her mom is and how many potential viewers she could help bring to the show. They also, probably, would rather not have Sarah going at them on her Facebook and Twitter accounts. While this might not be in their conscious mind, it could be in the subconscious and cause them to be a little more lenient on her and score her on a larger curve. And RM is also correct that she shouldn’t be on the show. The other stars at least have TV shows; Bristol Palin is famous for being Sarah Palin’s pregnant teenage daughter. If she weren’t pregnant during the election, the nation would have forgotten about her the day the election was over.

This also brings into account my old story about the votes. Sarah Palin has immense power when it comes to a certain block of people in this country. She has over 260,000 followers on Twitter and made two tweets about Bristol Palin on the night of the show. There was also plenty of media coverage about her when she said she was going to watch the show live. The headlines were packed with her name, thus drawing eyes to Bristol. Could she be slyly using her influence to help get Bristol votes? You can’t tell me that Bristol Palin is more famous than David Hasselhoff who got voted out yet was only a few points lower than Bristol on the judge’s scores. Also, Kyle Massey who scored four points more on the judges score than Bristol was in the bottom two. Is she THAT much more famous than him that she could get enough votes to send him to the bottom and not her?

Maybe RM has something to their email. Maybe there is something going on. I’m not putting my tinfoil hat on just yet, but I’m keeping my watchful eye on this developing Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars conspiracy theory.

Watch Dancing With The Stars Round 2 when it returns next Monday night at 8|7c on ABC.



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  1. Role model for teens is your big worry with Palin? Please! In the past 3 seasons alone, I distinctly recall explaining what a Playboy model is (Holly Madison), what a shout out to the girls in the pen is (Lil Kim), and what a jackass is (Steve-o) to my three school age kids – let alone cringing every time Bruno opens his mouth.

    DWTS didn’t say that Kyle was second lowest in total score. In fact, they specifically said that they were not necessarily the bottom two.

    Whether I support bristol’s mom politically or not is not at issue. The show tries to get stars that are culturally popular. I bet that many more people have heard of Palin than “The Situation” (who on earth feels good about calling themselves that and promoting it anyways?) or Audrina? Where’s the outrage over the two of them being included in the show?

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