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Call of Duty Elite: Subscription Service Trojan Horse?

Posted by on May 31, 2011 at 1:23 PM EST

Activision announced their new Call of Duty Elite program which offers a new premium mode whose details have yet to be released.

The basic idea behind Call of Duty Elite is to have an online component that tracks your progress across all Call of Duty titles like Black Ops similar to Halo’s Bungie.net. Call of Duty Elite will make it easier for players to track their stats and put together teams or even leagues of people to play against.

One of the features announced was a “Premium” online component which could possibly be a subscription service that gives you the DLC free of charge along with other extra perks made available through Call of Duty Elite. Activision has been careful to reassure players that the regular Call of Duty multiplayer component will be free out of the box. Still there has been speculation across most video games sites as to what Call of Duty Elite means for the future of this FPS behemoth.

The thought of getting people to pay monthly to play their favorite Call of Duty games is probably something that Activision CEO wet dreams are made of. That being said they face a serious backlash if dedicated fanboys feel like they are being nickle and dimed for content that should have been made available with the original purpose of the game. Could this be a way to get people into a subscription model for games like Activision’s World of Warcraft?

Unfortunately we will have to wait till more Call of Duty Elite details are out to find out how deep this subscription service rabbit hole may go.



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