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Survivor Nicaragua: Off To A Crazy Start On CBS

Posted by on September 23, 2010 at 2:38 PM EST

survivor cbsSurvivor Nicaragua is off to a crazy start.

The TV show Survivor has always brought out the crazy in some contestants, but it seems like this season in Survivor: Nicaragua there is more craziness than normal right out of the gate.

In past seasons of Survivor, most contestants try to hold it together for the first handful of days. They want to blend into the tribe, not make waves and not give anyone a reason to vote them off. They want to quietly make alliances and keep things calm. This season that is out the window. Tribe members have been making alliances and double alliances right from day one. The double crossing and backstabbing is already starting even with the first tribal council of Survivor: Nicaragua.

Normally, the first tribal council is an easy one. There is almost always a weak player or someone who is easy to blame for the loss of the challenge and they go home. This year that still held true for the older tribe as Wendy basically talked herself off the show. But when it came to the younger tribe the obvious one might have been NaOnka who was annoying everyone around camp. Unlike most players on Survivor who are just trying to blend in, she got in people’s faces, yelled at them and put them down. In short, she has been annoying as hell. Not to mention stealing someone’s socks then yelling at them for looking at her questioningly. An alliance within the younger tribe has already been broken due to a changing allegiance when Chase proved that pretty girls are more powerful than angry guys when it comes to convincing someone to do something.

This is not to say that the older tribe has been without its crazies. Holly stole Dan’s alligator shoes, filled them with sand then put them in the water. She then confessed to it in an odd manner, promised not to lie about anything in the game from here on out and then proceeded to have a breakdown. If it weren’t for Jimmy Johnson and his amazing people and motivational skills I think she would have asked to be sent home or just quit Survivor: Nicaragua.

But the in-tribe craziness can’t hold a candle to what has gone on at tribal council.  During the first Tribal council most people wanted Wendy gone, but there was also a lot who wanted Jimmy Johnson gone. At the first council Wendy went off on a long winded, rambling rant that went nowhere implicated a few people and was simply nuts. The vote was unanimous. The tribe clearly figured if she was crazy enough to go off like that in tribal council she was going to make their lives hell. During the second tribal council of the season (this one for the younger tribe) both Shannon and NaOnka ranted like lunatics. NaOnka almost appeared as if she were trying out for Precious 2 as she bobbed and weaved her head and explained how everyone hated her even though she didn’t know why and that she was easy to get along with. The chick clearly can’t hear herself talk. Shannon proceeded to threaten half the tribe, call people out and explain why half of the tribe was stupid. His rant was so direct and so crazy it even shocked host Jeff Probst. Like Wendy, he too was voted out.

We are only two episodes in and people are already losing it. This season of Survivor: Nicaragua is quickly shaping up to be a fun one.

Tune in when Survivor Nicaragua returns next Wednesday night at 8|7c on CBS.



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