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Survivor Nicaragua Recap: Young Vs Old Round 2

Posted by on September 23, 2010 at 12:00 PM EST

survivor nicaragua recapSurvivor Nicaragua Recap has round 2 of the young vs. the old.

Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 2 aired last night on CBS and it contained plenty of action, drama and craziness. This season’s cast might just be the most insane they have had in a long time.

Right out the gate Holly butted heads with Dan. When she decided that she wasn’t taking it anymore she stole his alligator shoes, filled them with sand and threw them in the water. As the rest of the tribe searched for the missing shoes it became clear that they were unhappy and were going to exact revenge on whoever took the shoes. She came clean, telling him she was sorry and that from this point on she would be honest with everyone. After a pep talk from Jimmy Johnson she was back on track, but the older tribe of Survivor Nicaragua is wary of her.

Over at the younger tribe, NaOnka was causing her own problems. When one of her socks came up missing she immediately assumed it had been stolen. She then, without hesitation, took Fabio’s socks. When he attempted to confront her, intended to ask nicely if she had taken them by accident, she tore into him just for looking at her. It is pretty clear that nobody in the younger tribe likes NaOnka with the exception of Sash who may just be playing her as part of the game since he wants to set up an all-minorities alliance on this season of Survivor.

At the challenge it was revealed that the winner would get both immunity and their choice of either a tarp and rope or fishing gear. The older tribe, badly wanting the fishing gear, chose to use their Medallion of Power to gain an advantage. They held the advantage and won the challenge, sending the younger tribe to their first tribal council of Survivor Nicaragua.

Back at camp the older tribe celebrated their victory. Among the fishing gear they found a clue to a hidden immunity idol. Jill and Marty worked together to find the idol, but told nobody else.

The younger tribe found itself locked in a power struggle. While NaOnka was the obvious choice, it was suggested that since nobody liked her she would be easy to vote out later. Shannon wanted his alliance to vote out Brenda. When Chase, who is in Shannon’s alliance, but likes Brenda, told Brenda the plan, she activated her alliance and flipped Chase to her side in an effort to vote off Shannon, telling her alliance that if they didn’t break Shannon’s alliance up now they would never get a chance. Going into tribal council it looked all locked up at five votes each.

Tribal council was explosive last night on Survivor Nicaragua. Right from the start Shannon started calling people out, getting in Chase’s face and telling him that he was going to be the next one to go home because he was a liar and disloyal. Shannon wouldn’t shut up, tearing into everyone and even asking Sash if he was gay. Fabio tried to cool him down, but Shannon was on a tangent. The rest of the tribe jumped in as Brenda called Shannon weak and a liability to the tribe. NaOnka told Jeff Probst that everyone hated her, but that she didn’t know why and she was easy to get along with. Fabio sat in awe as the tribe disintegrated before his very eyes. Even Jeff Probst was shocked by how fast the tribe had fallen into chaos.

After the votes were cast Shannon’s outbursts cost him and he was sent home. In the post vote confession he continued to rail against the tribe and hoped they lost.

Tune in when Survivor Nicaragua returns next Wednesday night at 8|7c on CBS.



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