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Summer TV 2011: NY Ink, Big Brother, The Glee Project

Posted by on May 28, 2011 at 10:18 AM EST

the glee projectSummer is almost upon us and their are some killer TV shows for us to enjoy when were not at the beach, catching some rays.

It used to be that summer was full of nothing but reruns, but thankfully many networks realize that people do like to watch TV during the summer so more and more summer programing is starting to hit the airwaves. Here are some details on a few of the summer TV shows that are debuting or returning.

NY Ink hits the air on June 2nd. The show follows former Miami Ink star Ami James as he returns to New York and opens his own tattoo studio. As with any of these tattoo shows (and judging by the preview) there are bound to be some great looking tattoos, interesting stories and some drama around the shop.

Also on TLC is the return of the hit show Cake Boss. Buddy and the crew are back for another season of making some of the coolest cakes you have ever seen while having a little fun and keeping their very busy bakery running at full speed.

Oxygen network will be debuting a show called The Glee Project on June 12th. The idea is simple. This is a reality show where the contestants compete in a variety of different challenges (many  of them no doubt to be Glee related) and the winner gets a guest spot on the hit show Glee.

On June 5th A&E debuts the second season of their show The Glades.  For those who haven’t seen The Glades it stars Matt Passmore as a Chicago detective who takes a job with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and moves to a small town assuming it will allow him to have a casual, relaxed lifestyle, but quickly learns that it will be anything but that.

ABC debuts what could be one of the more intense summer shows on June 21st. Called The Hot Zone this drama is set in 2006 at the only military hospital that can provide advanced care in Southern Afghanistan. The show focuses on the lives of the doctors as the fight to save patients while dealing with the hardships of living in a combat zone.

Big Brother fans will be happy to hear that the hit CBS reality show/game show will be back for another season starting July 7th.

One last show to mention here is the debut of Expedition impossible which is brought to us by Survivor producer Mark Brunett.  It will air on ABC starting June 23rd. The idea sounds like a fun one. 13 different teams of three compete in a wilderness race that consists of 10 legs. Each leg of the race will have them overcoming some kind of obstacle while having to deal with the often extreme nature of the location. Over mountains, across deserts and through rivers the teams will battle for a $50,000 prize and a new car.

These are some of the more anticipated summer shows hitting the airwaves very soon. It looks like there is going to be plenty of good stuff to enjoy this summer.



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