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Survivor Nicaragua Returns Tonight On CBS

Posted by on September 22, 2010 at 6:16 PM EST

survivorBe ready for the return of Survivor: Nicaragua tonight on CBS.

The second episode of Survivor: Nicaragua airs tonight. Football fans are no doubt wondering if Jimmy Johnson can survive another challenge and continue his run on the show.

The previews for tonight’s episode of Survivor Nicaragua portray Jimmy Johnson as playing a major role in the challenge. Whether he plays a good or bad role remains to be seen. Paranoia has always played a part in Survivor, but it looks like it is setting in much sooner than normal in this season. At the older tribe we see Jimmy Johnson trying to rally the troops while Dan finds his shoes becoming the victim of a clash he had with Holly. Clearly the lack of food and living conditions are wearing on them. At the younger tribe’s camp it seems that what started out as a group that got along and had harmony is now erupting in conflict as NaOnka gets angry and lashes out. All is not well in Surviorland at either camp.

The immunity challenge on tonight’s episode of Survivor promises to be a messy one that appears to be an obstacle course of some sort that involves a lot of mud. It will be interesting to see how the older tribe uses their wisdom to compete with the younger tribes obvious physical advantage in a challenge like this.

Survivor has always been a closely guarded show so there is not much information about who gets sent to tribal council, but it appears that the council is an explosive one. The preview shows host Jeff Probst saying that in all the seasons of Survivor no question he has ever asked has opened up a can of whoop ass like the one he just asked.

Every season of Survivor eventually has plenty of inter-tribe drama, but that often is put off until several episodes in as the obviously weaker players are voted out and the tribes get a little smaller and more intense. It seems this season that norm is thrown out the window and the drama starts tonight.

My prediction: I think the older tribe wins what looks like a pretty physical immunity challenge and this fractures what seems to be a volatile younger tribe. At tribal council all hell breaks loose and NaOnka goes home. In Survivor typically the biggest pain in the ass goes home early and it looks like she might be filling that role in the younger tribe.

Catch Survivor: Nicaragua when it airs tonight at 8|7c on CBS.



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