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Did Scotty McCreery Deserve to Win American Idol?

Posted by on May 26, 2011 at 9:19 AM EST

scotty mccreery winnerDo you agree with the fact that Scotty McCreery is the winner of American Idol?

Talk about a lackluster way to end American Idol season 10. Sure, there were tons of performances by some of the biggest names in the industry [Haley Reinhart and Tony Bennett rocked] but was it worth two hours of my time? No and I don’t think Scotty McCreery should have won at all. It just further proves that American Idol is a popularity contest, nothing more.

In case you haven’t heard, Scotty McCreery is the next American Idol. While I knew he would have a great career in country music, he shouldn’t have won. You’re telling me a 17-year-old “COUNTRY” kid with a deep voice was better than Pia Toscano, Casey Abrams, James Durbin and Haley Reinhart? Let’s not forget to mention Lauren Alaina who was in the finale against him. Oh well, what’s done is done, tween girls around the country voted for Scotty and he won. Congratulations!

I’m curious to see what you all think about the American Idol results from last night’s finale. Did the right person win? If not, who did you all want as the winner? Comment below!

Did Scotty McCreery Deserve To Win?

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  1. yes i do think he should have won because he is a GREAT singer. Who cares if alot of girls voted for him because hes cute we all know he is a good singer too! And what i think is stupid some people are mad cause he is a country singer. Not every single person who wins american idol has to be rock or a pop singer. Its over its done with get ver it. If you dont like the way he sings or what he sings then dont listen to his music!

    • I agree with you! If a person doesn’t like country don’t listen to it!!
      That is what I do with pop and rock most of the time. Everyone is asking if Scotty deserved to win because he cried…well he is still a kid as well as Laura who cried many times , many places on American Idol.
      They are both kids, they had a hard time holding it in. Laura cried more than Scotty, I don’t think anyone is being fare to Scotty since that was a big night for a kid!!!

      They are still not ready to move out of their homes in their little towns, I hope they realise what kind of life they will have in the future!! It doesn’t all come as easy as it has while introducing them to the world.

  2. American idol is NOT a popularity contest scotty deserved to win whats fair is fair and all the votes werent just teenage girls if u cant handle the truth about things then keep it to yourself dont post whatever u feel like because later in life most people wont agree with it!LAUREN AND SCOTTY SHOULD DATE!!!!!!

  3. Haley was the best!!!!!!!

    Natalia… from Brasil!

  4. Go Haley!

  5. Umm NO. Lauren and scotty were wayy better then haley. I agree with makayla.
    Country is good. they have there style. Haley shouldnt have made it that far, pia and james should have been there instead of haley. And They are suppose to make it there own song, which haley did. but its also suppose to sound good. And ON tune.
    SO get over the fact that haley is gone. Lauren and scotty should date(: i also commented on haley getting voted off. you can read my comment there, the pic were shes singing.
    anyways I think Lauren And Scotty are amazing(: even thoughh lauren was always my favorite!

  6. i agree with Oneilyy on all that she said haley was off tune i guesss but sometimes not! maybe thats how people sing sometimes but who knows. lauren and scotty absolutly were my favorite! i was also very happy to know scotty won this year! one thing i am not agreeing with kass is that lauren is my favorite she is good but scotty is my favorite! and like i said again lauren and scotty are really good and im glad they both made it to the finals! i didnt watch most of american idol to know if haley should have been behind pia or james so i cant say anything else about that.
    and to all those people that still cant get over the point that scotty won GET OVER IT he is a great singer. and who cares if the person you liked didnt win there is always next year. i mean who knows the person you like the most might win

  7. I think Haley needed to go home. Im glad she did. her voice was to rocky and shaky, and didnt seem like she was on tune alot of the time. She was not as mature as the others and should have went home a long time ago. Pia should have gone farther then her. I wanted to knock that grin off her face when pia left. I love country music and who cares if thats what scotty and lauren sing. theyre both amazing singers. even though lauren was always my favorite… Scotty was good
    And they should date(:
    Its not just popularity… they were better then haley!
    And ken, Pia and james were better then haley!
    HAha i posted this comment on so many of themm!

    • I absolutely agree… and they should date!!!

      • alot of people think that they should date…good choice!!!lol

      • I don’t see why so many people are making such a big deal about Scotty and Lauren dating!
        Everyone is asking so many questions, but it is plain obvious that they have something going on.
        If they would want people to back off and stop thinking the wrong thing they would not be arm in arm everytime they are seen together, and or standing so close together. They stand shoulder to shoulder with the side of their body up against each other.
        Lauren is playing her childish game, saying, “He may or may not be my boyfriend”. “I might have a boyfriend”. Saying it in thats sexy voice, and looking in the camera with deceiving eyes and smile!!!
        She enjoys the run around, but better grow up, this isn’t a talent show it is a lot more searious!!
        But she better make sure she doesn’t get to full of herself as she seems to be doing already!!!!

  8. Scotty deserved to win. So many contestants could have been in his place and have deserved to win: Pia, James, Casey, but America chose Scotty. Though Pia was amazing, better than Haley, and in some fields, better than Scotty, Scotty made it further. You could say that Lauren did not deserve to win if she in fact had, but Scotty won, America picked him, and Pia and James and Casey and Lauren will very likely be successful. In many ways they all won…Scotty just got the trophy.

  9. There is something special about Scotty. I never was into any country [exception: Taylor Swift :]] but the point is Scotty made me love country. Anyone who can change taste, in my opinion, has talent. Lauren is awesome too, I can’t wait for their duet to come out sometime!
    Sorry I forgot this in my last post.

  10. Im so glad haley didnt win. Lauren and Scotty were amazing… scotty did deserve to win because he is an amazing singer and who cares if he is a country singer…not every winner has to be a rapper or r&b singer…america got the top 2 singers right…both of them deserved to win!!! if u dont like it then dont read the comments and dont watch american idol…get over it!!!!!!

  11. I agree donna!

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