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Dancing With The Stars Season 12: Kirstie Beats Chelsea, Hines Ward is Winner!

Posted by on May 25, 2011 at 8:59 AM EST

hines ward nflI was a little shocked that Chelsea Kane took 3rd place last night on Dancing With The Stars.

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas take third place? You have got to be kidding me; how in the world did Kirstie Alley beat Chelsea on Dancing With The Stars? Sure, Hines Ward being the winner is fine and dandy but there is no reason that Kirstie should have even been in the top 3, let alone take 2nd place. I understand she lost all this weight and is 60 years old but it’s not Exercising With The Stars, it’s a dance competition and she was not good.

First and foremost, Congratulations are in order for Hines Ward and Kym Johnson as they are the Dancing With The Stars season 12 winners. That being said, let’s get into this whole Chelsea Kane vs. Kirstie Alley ordeal. I can’t be the only one that thinks its complete nonsense that Chelsea & Mark took third place while Kirstie came in second; am I? Oh well, I guess what’s done is done and at least someone who deserved to win the Mirrorball Trophy did.

What do you all think about last night’s DWTS results? Do you agree with Hines Ward as the winner? What are your thoughts on Kirstie Alley coming in second place? Comment below!



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  1. I was stunned and shocked beyond belief that Chelsea and Mark came in 3rd! I wanted Hines to win all along, but in the back of my mind I thought that Chelsea would win. Cannot believe that Kirstie came in second, as she was not even close to being a better dance than Chelsea. Must have been all those Scientologists that kept her numbers up.

    • I fully agree with you. Kirstie Alley should have been voted off long ago. I think that Ralph was WAY better than Kirstie. If the truth be known Chelsie was the best dancer on there. I’m OK with Hines winning, but like you, I don’t think that Kirstie should have been 2nd runner up. That is totally wrong.

  2. It is unfortunate that sometimes the best dancers do not win….and maybe the rules should be changed to have the judge’ points count more into the final decision. Hines and Kirstie were there because of their popularity and their personal life experiences not because of their skills. The results should have been 1) Chelsea 2) Hines 3) Kirstie based on the choice of finalists.
    I also believe that Mark has to be more careful in his choice of choreography. He sometimes goes over the top and this does not always please the crowd at large!
    Nevertheless congratulations to the 3 of them…they all went a long way.

  3. I haven’t watched dwts for about two years now. My daughter called and advised that this Kirstie Allie won second place. When Donny Osmond won, that finished dwts for me. It’s unreal to hear that all three Judges gave Kirstie “10’s” on her final dance last night. The major thing wrong with dwts judging is Judging it’self. The public bases their vote on Popularity, favoritism and prejudice and not the quality of the dance itself. The three Stooges who call themselves Judges, are so “flighty” in judgement of the dance. For example,..Len Goodman doesn’t like Rock and Roll, Jitterbug, Hip Hop or anything that relates to other than his “slow motion” favorite’s. Cari Ann Inaba demonstrates that she is a screwball and, according to my daughter, she “really” kissed up to Kirstie. Finally, Bruno,..is a total meathead who is changeable as the four wind’s. Nevertheless, my suggestion to make it more fair than it is would be to have “only” the Judges render the vote. The Public vote should be totally out of it.

    • Clearly, giving the public 50% of the vote is much too much! Perhaps it should be lowered to 25%. Chelsea Kane was by far the best dancer since day one. I really liked Hines Ward a lot and felt he was a close second to Chelsea. But, as much as I admire and respect Kirstie Alley for her hard work, passion and improvement, by far she has no where near the dancing ability of Chelsea. I am not disappointed that Hines won – but I am disappointed that Chelsea was given third place.

  4. It was totally ridiculous that Kirstie even made it to the end..this was not a contest to loose weight or how old we are it was a dance contest…totally crazy

  5. chelsea was definately the best and most exciting performer and should have taken first place. Hines was definately 2nd best but a decent difference between he and Chelsea.

  6. Hines was always my favorite(: And Chelsea 2nd. Not kirstie!

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