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American Idol 2011 Top 2 Performance Ratings

Posted by on May 25, 2011 at 8:40 AM EST

american idol top 2 ratingsLet’s recap last night’s Top 2 performances on American Idol with the song choices, results from the judges and my personal rating.

This is essentially a run-down of the singing show down between Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery…Things were tense initially when TMZ leaked that Lauren might not be able to sing due to laryngitis, but Lauren’s doctor spoke with Ryan Seacrest and confirmed that she was under meds and good to sing in the American Idol finale. What songs did the American Idol top 2 sing? How did the finalists do?

Scotty McCreery started the American Idol finale with “Gone”, and his low throaty voice had fans going wild (as usual). When Lauren Alaina went on, fans were ecstatic, and she really deserved the support. I was shocked that she was able to belt out vocals as boldly as she did. For the next segment of the show, Scotty performed “Check Yes or No,” a country song of course. Lauren’s idol was Carrie Underwood, and she performed “Maybe it was Memphis.”

So what were the judges’ verdicts after the first 2 rounds? Randy said, “This is so hard tonight man…I’m gonna say, Round 1, slight edge to Scotty. Round 2, however, slight edge to Lauren Alaina. Jennifer agreed, “Round 1 Scotty, Round 2 Lauren. But it’s a very tight race!” Steven Tyler differed from Randy and JLO, in favour of Lauren, saying, “I’m gonna hafta give the first round and second round to Lauren, only because she’s prettier than you are.”

Next, Scotty McCreery performed the single that will be released, should he win American Idol, “Love You This Big.” Scotty’s rendition of the song was flawless, and it was a perfect song for his cool velvet voice. The crowd went nuts after he performed that one. Randy said, “Wow man…I’m just marvelling in the fact that…you’re up there singing this song…the range was great because the range was low, and you sang really high. Scotty you are here, you are in it to win it, it is game time…That was a brilliant vocal.” Jennifer Lopez chimed in saying, “I think you did an amazing job with that song. A really amazing job with that song.” Steven Tyler also gave his approval, noting, “Scotty man, you’ve come a long way…you take your chances, you ran with it, and you got it.”

So what was Scotty’s reaction to the positive feedback? “I’m here now. I’m taking it every moment.” Ryan commented on how collected and cool Scotty McCreery was, which the singer also took in stride. I’m sure inside he was freaking out big time!

When Lauren Alaina performed her last song, she walked out and hugged her mother as she sang lyrics that paid tribute to her mother. She had a lot of heart whilst singing the song, and because she sang it so passionately, she got great feedback. “Wow…let me just say. I got to give some mad props here…It was a great song, it was a great ode to your mom…Lauren I love how at the end…you sang that low Mariah Carey…Lauren Alaina has arrived, America! That was amazing!” Jen: “But Lauren with that song you may have just won. That was beautiful. You sang it perfectly…it was everything that it needed to be.” Steven Tyler said, “As far as I’m concerned, the first time I saw you, you were my American Idol.”

At the end of the day, as the judges said, it was a tight race, but they DID all collectively favour Lauren Alaina over Scotty McCreery…what are your thoughts? Who truly deserves to win American Idol, Lauren or Scotty?



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