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American Idol 2011 – Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery the Country Young’uns

Posted by on May 24, 2011 at 7:41 PM EST

lauren alaina scotty mccreeryScotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina aren’t even 18-years-old yet and one of them will be the next American Idol.

Tonight the last two singers left standing on American Idol will take the stage. Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina have several things in common. They are both from the south and both love country music. They are both from small towns and both seem like genuinely nice, good people. They both have an interesting sound to their voice and seem like they are having fun on the show. And neither one of them is old enough to vote.

Scotty McCreery is 17-years-old. Lauren Alaina was 15 when she auditioned and is now 16-years-old. When you watch these two preform they look and sound well beyond their age. If it was based on voice alone it would be nearly impossible to tell their ages. Lauren has a smoky, full voice that helps her give emotion and feeling to her singing. Scotty has a voice so deep it actually shocks you when he sings. From the first notes he uttered with “Baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low…” during his audition everyone was enamored by the skinny kid with the very deep voice.

Both of these finalists are still in high school, but that is about to change no matter who wins the title and becomes the next American Idol.  Jimmy Iovine has already said a few times to Scotty, “When we got Nashville and make your record.” So no matter what he is recording an album and with his big voice, genuine charm and connection to a younger audience he could be a very big star. If they get him the right song I could see him with a big album. Lauren Alaina is a little bit different in that situation. Scotty McCreery will be 18 in October where Lauren just turned 16 last November. She is the youngest contestant ever in the American Idol finals and whether she wins or loses they may have a difficult time finding the right niche for her. She could go the Miley Cyrus route and try to appeal to the Disney/tween crowd or she could just ignore her age and make the best record she can and hope that adults will buy into it. Sometimes when a kid is singing a love song it is a little hard to buy into, but she has the voice to potentially pull it off.

Regardless of the potential marketing challenges either of these two may face,  it is very interesting to me that in a year that saw American Idol lower its minimum age requirement youth has been served and two very young, talented singers have made it to the finals.

Tune in tonight at 8PM on Fox to see Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina take the stage one more time to sing for your votes. They may not be old enough to drink or vote in elections, but they need your votes tonight if you want your favorite to be the next American Idol.



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  1. A very good & fair review.. I’ve never bought US country album since The Gambler by Kenny Rogers years ago… Guess what…that country boy with deep voice had captured my heart since the first time I heard him in that famous historical audition ! I’m gonna definitely buy his album , It’s worth the money !!!!!!!
    MALAYSIA supports SCOTTY MCCREERY!!!!!!!

  2. I think that they are both Idol winners. I think they should be a duet. They sing great together. Love to both of you

    • I AGREE

  3. Lauren and scotty are amazing(:
    lauren will get any country deal. not like miley cyrus, shes better then miley,
    lauren and scotty should also date(:
    haley shouldnt have made it that far, james should have instead. and pia.
    Scotty will be good(: and so will lauren. Im looking forward to listening to both of themm(:
    Lauren has always been my favorite. and both of them deserved to WIN!!!!

    • i agree haley had a growl it was ugly but scotty and lauren r both great they willl get far

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