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American Idol 2011: Bono’s U2 versus Steven Tyler’s Aerosmith

Posted by on May 24, 2011 at 7:29 PM EST

aerosmithTomorrow night Bono and U2 will hit the American Idol stage, NOT Aerosmith.

Looking forward to Steven Tyler and Aerosmith performing live on American Idol? Well, you better “Dream On” because U2 has officially replaced Tyler’s band on tomorrow night’s finale. It turns out, despite Idol judge Steven Tyler claiming that he and his band would be playing the finale, those have turned out to be false claims. Why did Bono and the crew replace Aerosmith?

Once light was shed on this whole American Idol finale debacle, it turns out the producers never asked Aerosmith to play the show. Sure, Steven Tyler agreed to it but the rest of the band had other plans and said that it was impossible to do. Take a look at what Joe Perry (of Aerosmith) posted on Facebook: “Not playing Idol cause we were never asked by producers. Brad has gig that night with Hendrix Exp. Its not logistically possible.”

Are you all bummed out that Steven Tyler and Aerosmith will not be performing live on tomorrow night’s finale? Are you stoked that Bono and U2 have taken their place? Comment below!



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  1. oh god….not U2…..borrring!

  2. You can’t do better than U2!! Can’t wait!

  3. Aerosmith sucks!! Drunk old farts. Thank god for u2

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