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American Idol Results: Season 10 in Review

Posted by on May 24, 2011 at 7:46 PM EST

american idol season 10 reviewA look back at season 10 of American Idol 2011 as we gear up for tonight’s finale.

It seems like so long ago that the judges on American Idol announced the top 13 finalist. It was just 12 weeks ago, but it seems like tonight’s finalists Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina have grown up in front of us. Over the course of those 12 weeks there has been drama, controversy and plenty of emotion.

As the round started the first person voted out of the Top 13 was Ashthon Jones. I don’t think anyone was really shocked by that, but what was interesting is that in the bottom three with her was Haley Reinhart. That vote started an avalanche of eliminations for the girls. Over the next four weeks four different girls were voted out.  Karen Rodriguez, Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia were voted out. During this time two huge shocks occurred. First, Casey Abrams was voted out only to then be saved by the judges in a moment so dramatic he collapsed on the stage. Two weeks later Pia Toscano was eliminated. Many thought with her good looks and big voice she would be a finalist, but the voters saw it a different way. The judges were floored and the blogs erupted with comments of how the show was rigged.

At this point there were eight singers left and all five that had been voted out so far were girls. Jennifer Lopez pleaded on air with the viewers to not vote the girls out. It was clear that the very heavily female fan base of the show had a lot more love for the guys than the girls.

Whether it was J.Lo’s plea or something else, the tide started shifting. Paul McDonald was the first guy voted out (technically Casey was, but as mentioned he was saved). His departure signaled a shift in current. He was followed by Stefano Langone and then Casey Abrams who this time was gone for good. Jacob Lusk was next to go leaving the Top 4 to be made up of two guys and two girls. Scotty McCreery and James Durbin were the last two guys while Haley Reinhart and Lauren Alaina were the last two girls.

Another shocker took place when rocker and fan favorite James Durbin was next to go. With Durbin’s departure Haley Reinhart had done the improbable. She had survived four trips to the bottom three to make it to the final three. Her luck would run out there when Randy Jackson saddled her with the impossible to sing “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morrisette which led to her being voted out last week.

Now we have just Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina left. Scotty is old school country and Lauren is a little more pop and rock, but still has that country vibe to her.  Tonight they perform for the last time then put their fates one last time in the hands of the viewers.  One of them will be the next American Idol.

Tune in tonight at 8PM on Fox to watch Scotty and Lauren take the stage one last time and sing for every last vote they can muster.



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