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American Idol 2011 – Season 10 Ratings Review Poll

Posted by on May 24, 2011 at 7:33 PM EST

american idol season 10 pollWhat did you all think of American Idol Season 10?

The American Idol 2011 (season 10) was covered pretty heavily in the news as fans wanted to see how FOX’s ratings juggernaut would do, post Simon Cowell. While Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest remained on the show, two brand new judges were welcomed with open arms, sort of. We all know that the show’s producers had a hard time censoring Steven Tyler’s rock star persona. Jennifer Lopez on the other hand, had nothing relevant to say and loved using the term goose pimples which urked a major nerve with me.

Now that the American Idol season finale is upon us, I want to know what you all thought of season 10. Did you like Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler as judges? How did you feel about the new format, as far as how the contestants were picked? Was it too short? Do you agree with who the judges picked for the Top 13? There are so many questions that can be asked about this season but perhaps the most important one is in regards to the finale.

Should Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery be in the American Idol season 10 finale? Most will say yes but there are a lot of people that will say no. Pia Toscano fans are still bitter about her early elimination; myself included. As much as I disliked James Durbin, he and Haley Reinhart should have been in the final two.

With the conclusion of American Idol 2011 tomorrow night, it’s time to hear what you all thought about this season. Did you love it or hate it? Do you want new judges or like Steven Tyler and JLO? Are the write two singers in the finals? Comment Below!

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As Season 10 of American Idol comes to a close tonight, let’s take a look at the Top 24 contestants.



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  1. WHY DID they bring back HALEY THE BRAT ! UGH!

    • Because she has one of the best 3 voices of the top 13… just guessing here, but that seems like a reasonable idea.

  2. Scotty all the way <3 <3
    Scotty is going to win tomorrow 😀

    • YES!!!!:) LOVE HIM!

  3. Scotty looks just like howdy doody, Lauren all the way

    • You may be right but it really doesn’t matter. Scotty will own Nashville with 3 years and by then Lauren can learn to breath before the notes and with that voice of her’s once she learns the mechanics of singing she will likely take ownership of country music. In the mean time James and Halley will handle rock and Jazz/Blues respectively.

    • clearly your thoughts and posts are WRONG!!!!!scotty ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!

  4. I think the Haley might take over for Lauren story was just a big ploy by the AI people hoping to get a ratings boost for what promises to be the most boring Idol finale ever.

    Luckily those of us on the West Coast can get the news ahead of time. It seems that Lauren is now going to sing – surprise, surprise. Just glad I do not have to change my mind about not watching tonight.

  5. scotty come on

  6. Lauren all the wayy <33
    Laurens gonna win it all.
    Scotty is a good singer but he can't sing pop.All he can sing is country.
    Thats going to affect Scotty alot.

    ~Lauren All They Way~

  7. I LOVE, love, love both Scotty and Lauren. Both appear to be such wonderful role models (especially for their age group)…, but in my perfect world… to put both in the best possible position for their respective talents… Lauren should win AI. Scotty doesn’t need to win AI because he will most likely be an even greater star if he comes in second. Win win for both. I think the right two are the finalists. Would have like to see James Durban beat out Haley (good artist, but she has an insincere personality). I’ve watched AI every year. This year has been my absolute favourite!!! I love the addition of JLO and Steven Tyler and hope they return next season. JLO’s critiques are bang on constructive. Steven seems to genuinely relate to the contestants while they are singing. I’m guessing that is a great source of encouragement for the contestants when they view his mannerisms while they are singing. Love the show this year!!!

    • Why is it that when people talk about how much they like Scotty or Lauren they always say words like “nice,” “cute,” “image,” “personality,” and “attitude?” Isn’t this a singing competition? Apparently not.

      • I think scotty is a GREAT singer!!!!;)

  8. I checked the east coast reviews to see is Hailey would replace Lauren…found out she wasn’t. I won’t even bother watching tonight…too boring for me. Couldn’t handle an hour snooze festival tonight.

  9. Scotty for the win for me. But no matter what happens tomorrow he will be a fantastic addition to the country genre.

  10. Although I am not a FAN of Country this was decent for singers. Scotty has a natural talent and knew wjat type of Artist he was right from the start – there was no guess on this. BUT he sings Boring with all the raised eyebrow gestures which almost I agree with a previous comment of the Howdie Doodie..HEE HAWWW adventure comically speaking. But has a nice voice just needs experience. And Scotty also needs to be a bit more then he is now with his voice. I dont think I ever saw him struggle a song. ( Push himself to the limit ) Disappointing to that !!
    Lauren..mmm Not the best singer either as she cuts her notes short. Again with a bit experience she will do well.
    She did push her self with songs – Doesnt remind me of boring. Nothing comical about her. She is young and needs experience. MY VOTE..Drum roll please….Lauren all the way since I have no other vote to give.

    If I could Vote for anyone else it would have been James Durbin or Casey or even Pia..They were all very good in my opinion..Haley..mmmmmm ATTITUDE !!

  11. As a viewer from Australia (for the first time) I was drawn into watching because I thought from the very beginning that Scotty had that elusive ‘star quality.’ Lauren, although quite good vocally, does not have any stage presence whatsoever, merely just standing there and dimpling – even wimping out on some of the big notes. Scotty is expressive, interacts with his audience and works the room. He would be my vote if I could have a say.

    • I totally agree. Scotty is a geniune artist. He has my vote for sure

  12. AI has been my favorite show for 10 years but no longer. The judges don’t judge. They should give scores and have the final say. We teach our kids that it is OK to vote repeatedly, instead of one vote per voter. So the tween’s pick the cutest, as opposed to the best singer. I’ve had it! Pia was hands-down my favorite. Celine Dion star quality. Then James was my favorite. I would go back and watch him again. You could tell the judges wanted Pia, then James. Then Haley has more “total package” than Lauren, and Haley gets voted off.

    So what we have left is a bland, country duo. I can barely tolerate country! AI seems to promote glitze, glamour, and pizzaz! I’m sure they wanted a “big” star like Pia or James to win. What’s left are 2 nice, safe, meek kids who probably won’t sell may records, but they have a nice, safe image. Defintely not the best singers or even entertainers like Casey or Paul. American Idol: Rest in Peace!

    • Pia had no stage presence, just stood there. James was great and should have been still there. Thank god Haley is gone, big time spoiled little brat. Scotty and Lauren deserve a big congrats. They are nice kids, they work thier butts off, they can sing, and yes they deserve to be there!!!

  13. Love the judges this year; disappointed that there are two country singers in the finale. I’m not watching anymore as I don’t care. I was sorry to see James leave and finally Haley. Funny comments re Scotty like Howdy Doody. Good one.

  14. Greatest AI competition ever….best talent pool ever assembled…. Awesome finale between my two favorites….Superb judges….Jimmy Iovine is the perfect coach….Host, Ryan Seacrest, is, in my opinion, irreplaceable….FANTASTIC SEASON for every one involved with AMERICAN IDOL….THANK YOU!!!

    • Agree 100%

  15. To country for me. Will have prefered to see different genders. Did not like the finale.

  16. Like Kenny Rogers and Dotty West or Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn, these two AI finalists will have to do a duet when this is over. Nashville’s best song writers better come up with a great song for these two. I think Lauren very slightly edged out Scotty in the Superbowl, but Scotty was flawless through out the whole season. Sad to say it, but great teams have lost Superbowls to average teams that perform well when it matters. I will also say that Scotty didn’t have one weak song through out the season, the most consistently good contestant AI ever had. If it wasn’t for Scotty, AI would’ve been toast by 2013. Scotty, not Tyler or JLO, saved American Idol, as far as I’m concerned. He raised the bar. It’s a win win for everyone.

  17. Judges: Best of all the seasons; but then Randy was the only keeper to start with, JLO a little to soft but okay and Steven is…. well Steven.

    Final 3 in my world would have been: James, Scotty and Halley. The number 1 … any one of the 3, all will make their respective marks, if they can keep their focus and young heads about them.

  18. Okay, Scotty and lauren were perfect for the finale, james and pia should have made it way farther then haley. haley was too rocky and shaky. But she is beautiful. Andd lauren and scotty are great country singers,, Theyre great, nothing wrong with them singing country! theyre still singers.
    Judges were fine!
    not just popularity… Lauren And Scotty=GREAT singers!
    And lauren and scotty should date(: both great people! totally deserved too be in the finale!
    Lauren was always my favorite but i also loved scotty. Thankkfully haley went home!

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