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Dancing With The Stars 2011: Chelsea Kane Wins, Hines Ward Takes Second Place

Posted by on May 24, 2011 at 8:37 PM EST

chelsea kane dwts winnerWho won Dancing With The Stars 2011?

After last night’s dances Chelsea Kane and Hines Ward are tied for first with Kirstie Alley within striking distance as we head into tonight’s Dancing with the Stars results finale. Tonight the contestants will each dance one final dance and that score will be added to last night’s scores then factored in with the vote totals and a winner will be crowned.

The question on everyone’s mind is who will it be? To me this is a two horse race that comes down to Hines Ward and Chelsea Kane. Kirstie Alley had done a good job and she has really showed what she is made of, but when you watch them dance it is clear that they Hines and Chelsea are in a different league than Kirstie. Last night during her first dance half of it Kirstie spent just walking around the floor with her arms out while Maks led her. Meanwhile Chelsea and Hines were doing difficult moves. I give her props for doing the lifts and going all out, but she clearly is not at the same level. If she wins it will likely be the biggest upset in DWTS history.

When it comes to Chelsea Kane and Hines Ward they have two very different styles. For starters the man and the woman have such different roles in the dancing that it is hard to compare them head-to-head. If you look at most improved it has to be Chelsea. Hines has been solid all season while Chelsea has gotten better and better each week. It seems like the only weeks she didn’t score high were weeks where she and Mark took chances that didn’t pay off with the Dancing With The Stars judges.  A person could argue that Chelsea had the harder job because she was the one being lifted and had to learn all of that while in high heels. Then again, Hines had to learn how to do the lifts and as we saw if they go bad the falls can be very painful and damaging.

I expect tonight’s scores to be as close as last night’s which means it will all come down to the votes. Will Hines Ward and his NFL fame trump the new found popularity that Chelsea Kane and her charm has earned her? In the end I think hot will prevail over smooth. It will likely be a close vote, but I think Chelsea and her sexy abs will steal some of Hines’s male voters away and she will win this by an eyelash.

So you heard it her first. Chelsea Kane will win Dancing with the Stars. Hines Ward will be second and Kirstie Alley will come in third.

Tune in tonight at 8PM on ABC to watch the DWTS 2011 finale and find out if my prediction comes true.



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  1. we live in okc and dancing with the stars is NOT on right now because of the tornados. can someone tell me whats going on the show and/or how to watch live online! please help!

    • Don’t know how to watch a live on-line stream but u can get streaming updates here or on buddytv.com. Rigiht now, they’re just finishing up the re-cap of last night’s show and getting ready to start the finale itself.

      • thx!!

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