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The Biggest Loser Winner Prediction

Posted by on May 24, 2011 at 7:31 PM EST

the biggest loserWho won The Biggest Loser Season 11?

Who will weigh in as the triumphant victor on tonight’s season finale of the Biggest Loser? Trainer Bob Harper predicts that tonight’s episode will be full of surprises. “You’re in for a lot of major weight loss and jaw-dropping experiences…The finale is going to blow everyone away.”

The remaining contestants on The Biggest Loser are Hannah Curlee, and Olivia Ward. Both these ladies have secured spots as finalists. Jay Jacobs and Irene Alvarado are both relying on audience votes to pull one of them into the Top 3 as well. Whoever is eliminated, however, can still win the “at home prize” of $100,000, and would be competing for this against the other eliminated contestants.

The grand prize for the Biggest Loser is for $250,000! All contestants have been working extremely hard to transform their flab into fab, fit bodies. Whether or not they win the cash, I think all contestants must be proud of themselves for how far along they have come in this competition…some of these women have managed to lose over 100 pounds, over a period of 19 weeks. That’s no small feat…so which one of these contestants do you think deserves to be crowned The Biggest Loser, and to win all of that cash?

The host of the show, Alison Sweeney says, “I think people are already impressed by this final four, and they’re like, ‘Wow. How much better can they look?’” What are your thoughts?

And be sure to tune in tonight to watch the Biggest Loser finale, at 8/7c on NBC! (By the way, this is rumored to be Jillian Michaels’ last season and Anna Kournikova will replace her!)



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