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Dancing With The Stars 2011: Kirstie Alley Winner Predictions

Posted by on May 24, 2011 at 8:43 PM EST

dwts kirstie alley winnerWho will win the 2011 Dancing With The Stars competition tonight on ABC?

Three dancers. Three different roads to the finals. One Mirror Ball trophy. It all comes down to tonight on Dancing with the Stars.  The votes are in and all that is left is one final dance and one final judge’s score. For Chelsea Kane, Hines Ward and Kirstie Alley it has been a long journey filled with injuries, emotions and some stiff competition and tonight if comes to an end.

Chelsea Kane came into this season of DWTS a relative unknown. Those who have kids might know her from the Disney shows she has been on, but like Kyle Massey before her DWTS was her way of introducing herself to the nation. And she did it in grand fashion. Like most of the dancers she had some struggles in the first few weeks, but then she got her feet under her and there has been no looking back since. Along the way the nation has seemed to embrace her. Chelsea Kane is at once the hot girl next door and America’s sweetheart. She seems like a genuinely nice person who is having fun and feels lucky to be where she is and I think that has really ingratiated her with the audience.

Hines Ward was a known quantity when he came to Dancing with the Stars. He is a Super Bowl MVP and Pro Bowl Wide Receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He came into the competition with a legion of fans and the entire Steeler Nation behind him. Along the way he has shown his softer side and let the nation get to know who he is. He took to the dancing naturally and by the second week he was in first place. He would stay in first or second on the leaderboard for the rest of the season. Hines Ward has been front runner and had rarely had to look back. In the last few weeks it has been he and Chelsea dueling it out on the dance floor so it is only fitting that the meet in the finals. Hines has said all along he wanted to win this competition and he is just one dance and a results show away from finding out if he has done it.

When Kirstie Alley was announced as cast members for this season of DWTS I think most people assumed she would be out pretty quickly. Her first dance of the season said otherwise. She shocked everyone in the room with a strong dance that put her in second place, but then the wheels came off a little bit. She had a fall, lost a shoe and started getting criticisms about her dancing. She seemed to run out of steam and started butting heads with her partner. What has kept her alive is her immense popularity. She is probably the biggest star on this season and she has used that popularity and the votes that come with it to bide her time while she pulled herself together and then rode those votes into the finals. She is likely the longshot to win it all, but Kirstie Alley has proved just about everyone wrong so far, she might just do it again tonight.

Three dancers took three different paths to the finals and now all face off in one last dance. Chelsea Kane turned on the charm and the sex appeal. Hines Ward used his athleticism and drive and Kirstie Alley surfed the wave of popularity. Tune in tonight at 8PM on ABC to find out who will win the trophy and be this season’s Dancing With The Stars champ.



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