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First Eliminations on The Bachelorette (PHOTOS)

Posted by on May 24, 2011 at 2:57 PM EST

bachelorette 2011The first set of eliminations from The Bachelorette 2011 are in; who did Ashley Hebert cut?

The new season of The Bachelorette premiered yesterday, and with great ratings. But not everyone was celebrating…7 guys failed to receive roses from the princess of the show, Ashley Hebert.

Anthony Satucci was one of the guys who was eliminated. He mentions that “the most outrageous thing” he’s done is flying a glider…but in my opinion, going on The Bachelorette is a pretty outrageous thing. And maybe after last night’s elimination, he can change his “most embarrassing moment” to being one of the first guys to be eliminated…and on National television.

Tim McCormack also failed to impress Ashley Hebert, getting inebriated the first night there. He didn’t even make it to the rose ceremony, and was eliminated beforehand…he was kinda too old for her anyway, in my opinion (at 35).

Jon Ellsworth was also eliminated…on his bio for The Bachelorette he mentions that Arnold Schwarzenegger is his favourite actor. Arnold hasn’t been too great with the ladies either, lately…maybe Jon needs to pick a new favourite actor!

Frank Carpenter seems like a nice guy; but maybe Ashley didn’t like him because he’s from Alaska…that’ s kind of a bizarre place to come from.

29-year-old Ryan Burns also failed to make a great impression on Ash. He was kinda boring, and failed to stand out from the crowd.

Rob Dahm mentions on his profile that he is “fiscally conservative.” Women don’t really like to hear that.

Finally, Chris Malhomme, was eliminated from The Bachelorette. His last name translates to “Bad Man” in French. ‘Nuff said.

I don’t know where they find these guys that are willing to embarrass themselves on TV like this, but reality shows are a dime a dozen nowadays. If the eliminated guys are lucky, maybe they’ll end up on Celebrity Rehab, but unfortunately for them, they didn’t have much of a chance to make a lasting impression. Oh well. Do you think Ashley Hebert made the right choice in eliminating these 7 guys? Who do you want to see win her heart?

The Bachelorette Eliminations (May 23, 2011) Photo Gallery:



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