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American Idol: Meet The New Judges

Posted by on September 22, 2010 at 1:40 PM EST

american idol judgesThe judges for the new American Idol have been officially announced.

Just moments ago, Ryan Seacrest held an online press event to announce the official  American Idol judges. In case you have been living under a rock, since last season of American Idol, Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres have all vacated their spots on the judging panel. In an effort to somehow recover from their losses, FOX has hired Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez as the new judges of American Idol Season 10.

In what was supposed to be a huge Live Webcast of the American Idol judge unveiling, it fell far short of spectacular. First off, the live stream started late and then to make matters worse, it had no damn sound! Come on FOX, how much money do you make and you can’t even produce sound on a live web cast? Someone should get their ass fired for failing at their job.

Anyways, despite the technical difficulties, we were able to watch Ryan Seacrest on stage and read his lips as he announced who the new judges of American Idol would be. To no surprise the first new judge of American Idol was Steven Tyler. It’s such a shame that we already knew he was a shoe-in for the position.

Up next, Ryan Seacrest announced that Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo) would be taking the third seat at the American Idol judge’s panel. Who would the fourth judge be? You might ask.  I guess FOX had to cut budgets because Ryan Seacrest brought out Randy Jackson and just like that, the 5-minute, soundless, big American Idol judge hoopla was over.

For American Idol Season 10 we will be forced to deal with Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, week after week. Someone just call up FOX right now and tell them not to even bother with auditions for this season of American Idol. Who and the hell would want to listen to either one of those two on a weekly basis?

Once again, your American Idol judges are now: Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

Auditions are currently underway for American Idol Season 10 on FOX.



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