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Expedition Impossible: Meet The Cast (PHOTOS)

Posted by on May 24, 2011 at 1:30 PM EST

expedition impossibleABC will attempt an Amazing Race clone this summer with Expedition Impossible.

With Dancing With The Stars coming to an end, ABC looks to launch Expedition Impossible to keep its rating afloat during the summer. Dave Salmoni will host the brand new adventure show, which looks to be closely similar to CBS’s The Amazing Race. With Mark Burnett as the executive producer, I am eagerly awaiting Expedition Impossible: Kingdom of Morroco as it could be amazing; or awful. Let’s take a look at the cast (teams) for the brand new Moroccan adventure coming this summer.

I have to get this out of the way right now; I really hope that the show itself is better than these ridiculous team names ABC has come up with. Expedition Impossible will be comprised of 13 three person teams which have all been dubbed awful names. The Gypsies, Fab 3 and Mom’s Army are a perfect example of the lack of creativity that went into the teams.

Expedition Impossible – Meet The Teams:

  • California Girls – Christina Chin (24), Brittany Smith (24), Natalie Smith (25)
  • The Cops – Robert Robillard (43), Dani Henderson (34), James Vaglica (49)
  • The Country Boys – Nicholas Coughlin (28), Jason Cronin (37), Chad Robinson (27)
  • Fab 3 – Ryan Allen Carrillo (36), Kari Gibson (26), AJ Gibson (30)
  • The Fishermen – Gus Sanfilippo (48), Nino Sanfilippo (43), Joe Sanfilippo (44)
  • The Football Players – Akbar Gbaja-Biamila (31), Robert Ortiz (27), Ricky Sharpe (31)
  • Grandpa’s Warrior – Dick Smith (69), Steven Smith (48), Samantha Smith-Gibbs (23)
  • The Gypsies – John Post (25), Taylor Filasky (31), Eric Bach (26)
  • Latin Persuasion – Dashia Imperiale (44), Raven Garcia (30), Mai Reyes (38)
  • Mom’s Army – Ellie Vanderbeck (52), Ruthie Vanderbeck (28), Abbie Vanderbeck (30)
  • New York Firemen – Kevin Coursey (39), Rob Keiley (34), Mike Egan (34)
  • No Limits – Erik Weihenmayer (42), Jeff Evans (41), Aaron “Ike” Isaacson (33)
  • Team Kansas – Lindsey Haymond (27), Kelsey Fuller (22), Mackenzie Fuller (18)

Make sure you tune as these 13 teams attempt to win $150,000 and a brand new Ford Explorer when the Expedition Impossible season premiere airs on Tuesday June 21, 2011 at 9|8c on ABC.

Expedition Impossible: Kingdom of Morocco Team Photo Gallery:



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  1. Yeah i have seen previews for this series and I have to say that I for one, feel like there a question on the safety of animals in this show. It is very traumatic for a horse to fall, so unless these are trained stunt horses taught to fall on queue, I hope to see animal activist shut it down.! If they are trained horses and other animals, well then the series is fake anyway so here to its failure..

  2. Seriously

  3. Looks like survival and very hard work. Props to those who ventured out.

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