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Modern Warfare 3 Exploding Trailer Reveals Explosions

Posted by on May 24, 2011 at 11:12 AM EST

A new Modern Warfare 3 Trailer has been released and it includes no shortage of explosions and carnage you would expect from the Call of Duty franchise.

Whether it be A10 warthogs making bombing runs through the middle of the city or submarines shooting missiles from a populated harbor Modern Warfare 3 looks like Battle for Los Angeles with terrorists instead of robot looking aliens. Being that it’s one of the biggest FPS franchises in history it has a high bar to meet and from all the motion sickness induced by the video game trailer they just might pull it off.

Shaky camera syndrome aside Call of Duty releases are shaping up to be a welcome annual event where like minded people get together and murder each other with assault rifles. Modern Warfare 3 looks to be in the streets of France with all the pretty virtual buildings and locations just asking to be remodeled with bullets and explosions.

The only serious competition being offered in the way of FPS combat is Battlefield 3 and from the looks of the trailer it’s got a steep hill to climb. One thing is for certain. Urban combat seems to be where it’s at and lets hope that is a good thing and Modern Warfare 3 delivers combat sim fans. With Call of Duty: Black Ops being one of the fastest selling games of all time I am sure it won’t be hard.



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